Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Fantasy Makes Me Feel

Yes I wrote this poem and not recently but I found it again in a picture book I made for my mother.  It's part of what we (get to hold and treasure) after our loved ones have passed on.....and I thought of regifting them (in our family) but decided against it.   Every book I made for her had a reason....and when I go through them.....again, even all comes dancing back to me...... ;)
My mother and I roamed all the cozy corners of Stillwater, with my children along usually, and Lady even made a few trips with us...after all what are quaint towns known for ...but to enjoy!
Mesmerized by a magical force,
I yearn for an uncommon lust.
My fantasy is frivoulous by nature.
Don't you have them too?
My nerves get all shaky like pudding and
I'm trapped by ridiculous laughter and meaningful giggles.
Everyday I am!
Avenues of passion upon my feet.
I share a rapturous zeal.
Yesterday's woes are forgotten.
I'm mindful of the brief exchange.
Aware of waking into reality and life...all fresh once more
By keeping secret thoughts in my private attic,
I can escape to my basement of fears.  
Sometimes, for no reason at all,less often now with my fantasy ever blooming it makes me laugh......Every time I think of it.
Don't most of yours?
Fantasies are rascals at our fingertips......everlasting and powerful.

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darlin said...

I love your photo and your poem is interesting, poetry is not one of my strengths and hats off to you for being able to write like this. I love that we're all unique in our own ways, it makes each one of us special!

Have a fantastic Thursday Karen!