Cannon River in Minnesota

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thematic Photography - 224 - Mellow Yellow


Thematic Photographic 

and "Mellow Yellow?" as our theme from Carmi, for this week.

Hm, this really does sound like a bright idea!
Instead of using quotes, and in all silliness, see if you know what song guided my writing. 
(You can click on photos to enlarge them)

Once upon a time in Mellow-Yellows~ville there lived a mellow-yellow-llama-llama

(not the llama-llama who wears red pajamas)

In this town where I wasn't born
lived a mellow-yellow llama
who loved to eat his corn
we all come to see this mellow-yellow llama
in his land of mellow-yellow fields where he was born.

Much like our mellow-yellow fields
where we were born
till we find another mellow scene
we'll live beneath these mellow leaves
dreaming of our mellow-yellow llama's mellow scene.

and our friends are all aboard
many more of them live next door
and the band begins to play
for mellow-yellow llamas everywhere.


and when our fellow mellow-yellow llama takes a spell
to eat and wallow
in his corn
  we'll all ride this carousel
taking turns on Rochelle the gazelle
while our mellow-yellow llama takes a spell.

 Oh yes, our friends are all aboard
as we all meet by the mellow-yellow door
we'll hear the music begin to play

as we'll gather for a cup of mellow tea
 or something with stronger waves
then mellow tea
and in time, truth shall prevail
as we live a life of ease.
Everyone of us has all we need
sky of blue and sea of green
and mellow tea
and a mellow-yellow llama llama
saying hello - hello
as we enjoy a life of ease
Can you name that song?
Written and created by me
especially for
(and TP)
a few little happy-faced children I know and love!
Want to play along? Or view more
go here


Filip and Kristel said...

Interesting, a posing lama. Lucky he didn't spit in the camera.


Lisa Shafer said...

It's hard not to laugh at a llama close up. :) They always look like they just got out of bed.

Alexia said...

You were certainly in a mellow mood! Love the llama - and I covet that espresso machine (at least I think that's what it is...)

Karen S. said...

Alexia- He sure is adorable, and you are right it is an espresso machine! How can one not be in a mellow mood with his expression right!

Karen S. said...

Lisa- That's the first time I've heard that, but you know it makes perfect sense!

darlin said...

Karen seems yellow is your color! Cute post and lovin the llama.

Have a wonderful week!

Gilly said...

Great series of yellows! And I adore llamas!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

He's awesome!

Is he part of your family, Karen?

ReBelle said...

The espresso photo would be great in a mag ad...

Cloudia said...

Donovan, the Beatles.....more?


Happy Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

~ > < } } ( ° >

> < 3 3 3 ( ' >

Bernie said...

Over from Carmi's TP - What an interesting story, and pics... Througherly delightful indeed!!

Mines up as well at AussiePomm - Mellow Yello Caves of Vietnam!!!!

Have a great day!!

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Ringo will like these lyrics :-)

Bob Scotney said...

Shame ypu have an anonymous prat commenting. You need to block 'Anonymous' people.

Lloved the llama.

Jess Brady said...

LOVE the llama, Karen! So cute :) Many of your shots were very creative. Some of my favs were the stone in the leaves and the church door.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

i just kept hearing THEY CALL ME MELLOW YELLOW, quite right ...and i'll probably hear it in my head all day. Donovan would be proud!! =) LOVE the cute Llama...

Anonymous said...

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