Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What If

What if.....

You would never see the faces of your loved ones again? ....... Take time to say, I love you....... and hug them like you'll never let go!

Don't ask why love refreshes life... just be thankful it does!

If you feel that wild and angry creature lurking within the inner walls of your soul...just know there's always somebody who has it worse than you.
"D a r n  it  anyway!"

Oh, by the way......value all the days on the calendar.......! 

Sometimes you need to wear a little cake!

Don't forget to dress up once in awhile!

If you catch the wrong train...enjoy the journey....maybe you need a detour!
We don't stop playing because we grow old--We grow old when we stop playing!

"This is our cry, this is our prayer, to build peace in the world."
Say a little prayer tonight for someone who might need it more than you think...... good - night and happy dreams!


darlin said...

Fantastic reminder! There is always someone who has it worse then we do if we look around us and those who suffer more than we do NEED our prayers I believe!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Karen S. said...

Thanks, I was in a blue mood with everything going on in life, the world and etc....!

Karen S. said...

I almost didn't post this photo of Danny Jr, my son Daniel's little boy for the first photo, it seems many bloggers skip over or don't comment very often on posts with family, or children but the way he is holding this dolly from the store so tightly always warms me....when we have this kind of love, and caring ...hold on to it people...hold on with all your life!