Wayzata, Minnesota

Friday, March 11, 2011

This Morning

No matter how bad things may look at night, they usually do look better in the morning.
Most mornings.

For many not this morning...............
My morning felt like waking up inside another world.    As if this frozen morn offered a simple gift only for those awake.......of a magical crystal hoarfrost hung from all the trees for as far as you could see. If you live where I do.

This morning my spirit was sad...... too tired to run out the door to capture this brief gift. 

Perhaps it was the news of an 8.9 earthquake attacking Japan and in the wake of it a tsunami threatening Hawaii and places within it's path.  Surely it had nothing to do with the memory of work yesterday and so many co-workers filled with angry words fueled by constant bickering ... Or did it?  

Why can't we see there are other things so much worse than what we have within our own backyards....and live as if we know this.

With each sunrise, we start anew. keeping those in need within our thoughts and sending them our blessings.


Galen Pearl said...

Indeed, it is a good morning for many of us to count our blessings and send blessings to those in need. Thank you for your heartfelt message.

JJ said...

Karen: Every morning is a celebration for me. I wish the same for everyone. I feel for those who suffered this terrible setback. I am certain the spirit of the Japanese people will thrive through this time of struggle.

Alexia said...

"This morning my spirit was sad...... too tired to run out the door to capture this brief gift." That's how I've been feeling since the Christchurch quake, Karen. The stories, whether horrific or heroic, have weighed this country down. My sympathy goes out to all of those people in Japan who are going through such a terrible time now.

A Paperback Writer said...

The first thing I did upon hearing of the earthquake was e-mail a friend who is a professor there. Fortunately, he lives far away from the epicenter and didn't even feel the quake. Phew!

sage said...

The news yesterday was sad... I hope the weekend is better for you!