Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday Week 18 (March 23 - 29)

Hello..... Whimsical friends....if you've got the lemon blues......switch your crayola marker to something rose-colored!  Or cruise on over to
and in case you haven't noticed I'm no true artist marked by fame....Oh no!'s just so much fun to take paper and colors and throw something OF whimsy together and say "Hey it's mine....!" and if that hasn't pushed you over the edge, just click on the Web of Whimsy blog.....and see all the incredible oh so wonderful artsy things that others post...and feel the urge to create.....take over your humble soul......and be silly, be funny....but just be something ABOUT  YOU!

Those who wish to dream.....always find a happy ending!

So don't hesitate....create........and be happy in everything you do.....or be lemon-blue and that just won't do!


Anonymous said...

Day dreaming is something I must do more often!

Melisa said...

Catching day dreams sounds like the perfect activity for today! Thanks for sharing this uplifting bit of whimsy!

JJ said...

Life is but a dream. So dream!

darlin said...

I was just inspired by you Karen to take a photo of something to do with dreams, I just might have to do that, if not tonight then I will do it another evening.

I love your photo, it looks like it was so much fun to make this! I NEED to pull out my crayons one of these days and color until my heart is content, I haven't done that in ages! You are truly an inspiration! Have a fantastic day!

Me And The Tree said...

Wonderful! We all need to give ourselves permission to dream a little more!
Thanks Karen!

Karen S. said...

Marcella - yes dreams are what feels the heart and soul with happiness!
Darlin- you really make me curious to see what you do with dreams ! ! !
JJ but of course this is how you live!

Galen Pearl said...

I'm headed up to the cabin for a few days of dreaming by the creek!

tony said...

I Will ,No Longer, Sing those Lemon -Blues !

Judy Goddard said...

By catching day dreams being myself means I can be anything at all! Thanx for the reminder!

dthaase said...

a wonderful creation - great to have you in the mix this week