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Friday, April 1, 2011

Legend and Mystery Awaits

The Sleeping Giant of Thunder Bay....shh, don't wake the giant.....

              First I blamed the weather, never the workplace right?  Then I read a quote by Dylan Thomas (who knew he was this deep)  "Somebody's boring me; I think it's me."

                           Ah yes, "Boredom slays more of existence than war." - Norman Mailer
             ...and funny thing boredom still arrives in the middle of your hectic life....really it does.  Boredom for me is not the lack of doing's when my brain, heart and soul become needy.........

From the cliffs at Squaw Bay, the Giant appears, most distinctly....waiting-pleasing- from the city of Thunder Bay on the Park.

        The back of this post card reads, Ontario, Canada  Legend and mystery surround this phenomenon of nature.  Because the secret of the great Silver Mine was revealed to White Man, Nanna Bijou, Spirit of the Deep Sea Water, was turned to stone during a storm that forever submerged the once richest silver mine known.  A lost legend leaves us to wonder about the identity of the Indian Princess waiting for the Great Spirit to awaken.

    I believe my parents took me here as a child, sadly they are both gone and I can't ask them.  But I remember most of my childhood life always thinking, and waiting and yes perhaps hoping that the Great Spirit would ride in one day on his stunning white horse.....really.

This link explains more about this mysterious giant still waiting  for you...

   It's certainly a view you must see for yourself, across the panoramic Sibley Peninsula a formation of mesas and sills that juts on the lake Superior (Wisconsin has these too) and forms a body of water that is Thunder Bay.

               So while I marvel at this most interesting of places to journey to......all boredom flies out the window....... all one must do is.....

Pack your things and bring a friend, four legged or not....just do it!


A Paperback Writer said...

I just went to the county clerk's office today and applied for my new passport! :)

Alexia said...

OH I can't believe you posted a pic of the Sleeping Giant!! (well, sort of :)
I visited Thunder Bay in the late 80's, with husband and kids, to attend a niece-in-law's wedding. The children were very young and were fascinated by the story about the giant asleep on the island.

I gather Thunder Bay has changed heaps since then, and is now much less boring than the reputation it had then!

Seriously, it's my experience that only boring people get bored... ;)
“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” - Ellen Parr

JJ said...

I immediately thought of Gulliver.

darlin said...

Sounds like an interesting place to visit, who knows maybe one fine day. Enjoy your weekend and I hope your brain, heart and soul become fulfilled with what they need.

Karen S. said...

Paperback Writer, so very you can roam wild and free!
Darlin it is a great place, it seems everything connected to Lake Superior is well worth a visit!
JJ I lvoe where your mind always goes to such great places!
Alexia, some things never change around the great Lake Superior!