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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sepia Saturday 72 : 30 April 2011

Wars, they come in various ways.....As this cartoon depicts Minnesota's Grasshopper invasion. If you lived through it, you would know exactly what true war of beast against man was..... Courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society

In the early 1870's Minnesota was recovering from the Civil War, and the Dakota War.  Then in the summer of 1873 hordes of Rocky Mountain locusts flew in from a strong southwest wind and they ate all that they could devour.  Followed by the next spring with locust's eggs hatching and more grasshoppers were alive and eating again....families lost everything. 

I hope everyone has survived the big wedding, if you were invited, or for the rest of us that are survivors of it's discussion (everywhere) wishing for life to be normal without any wedding bliss updates please follow along with me!

     My post this week involves Alan's theme (sort of) although, how do you follow an alarm clock with a fragment of a German shell lodged inside of it?  The main keyword is really, "time" followed by wars and or weddings, imagine that!

If you too want to follow along in time from way back when go here

On the subject of time and royalty.....I think time really stands out like a sore thumb from this photo taken for "The Plain Truth - a magazine of understanding " ( I discovered this complete copy within my grandmother's scrapbook treasures) and this publication was printed by the Ambassador College, Pasadena, CA. and it's founder then, Herbert W. Armstrong and it was published in July 1981 around the time of that all important wedding for Prince Charles.....

My how TIME really stands out in this photo wouldn't you agree? 

Charles, Prince of Wales, beaming with all the warmth of Britain's monarchy, and inside this publication quite a collection on the art of photography in an outdoor setting and more, as the Prince reflects his personal happiness as well as his father's special concern for the natural environment.

Now that we've imagined time....... and a brief touch on war.....we close with.... "The, or rather A Wedding.....  One very important thing that you will witness through photography of long their continued use of demonstrating within their photographs the importance of that photograph.   I always find it so rewarding within the Minnesota History Center and the endless hours of scanning through their unbelievable supply of all things past.

The Wedding, documented proof is in the groom's hands, taken about 1889 at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.  - Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society.

So, if you too want to share some Sepia passages of time or anything else why not visit Sepia Saturday.


Bob Scotney said...

Locusts to royalty - what a connection! Interesting to learn about the invasion of the bugs. The nearest we get is a swarm of ladybirds.

Cloudia said...

Great post, thanks!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



Postcardy said...

That's interesting that photographs demonstrated their own importance.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Karen I know zip about MN grasshoppers invasion, was that during the Dust Bowl era and the plagues that descended through Kansas and Nebraska, 1930's? I admit I do not like Prince Charles at all because of his cruel treatment of Diana; he was not man enough to stick with Camilla if that's whom he wanted. I hope Queen Elizabeth outlives him as she could very well and he never becomes king. I would like to see William as King tho'.

Howard said...

The grasshopper wars picture is great, the Prince Charles one is hysterical!

sage said...

Good posts--locust and weddings, I'd like to avoid both! I have a mug of the Charles and Diana wedding that my grandmother brought me back from London (no, she wasn't at the wedding, but did visit about that time)

The picture at the top of my blog is from Capital Reef National Park in Utah

barbara and nancy said...

Did the locusts have no mercy? Did they have to add insult to the after war miseries?
Not nice insects at all!
Ladies of the grove

JJ said...

As you know, I don't believe in time. It is just an artificial human creation used to measure stress. As for the locusts, they just sound like life.

Karen S. said...

Bob and Howard, I'm still laughing from both of your comments, thanks I so agree with you both.

Sage, thanks it's certainly a beautiful place!

Tattered and Lost said...

Locusts. Locusts and quicksand. Locusts, quicksand, and piranhas. Those were such standards on tv shows in the 1950s that I figured for sure I'd be subjected to at least one of them in my life. Now here I'd forgotten all about them until your post.

And royal weddings. I've lost count as to how many have happened in my life. But I do recall when Charles was supposed to be the most eligible bachelor in the world. No pressure on the guy, none at all.

Alan Burnett said...

I just love your posts when you cover so many themes the entire post becomes a kind of cornucopia of fascinating images.

tony said...

looking At The wedding Photo I Was Hoping That Locusts Dont Eat Paper!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.