Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday - wk 19 - Apr 6 - Now You See-Um

Welcome to another new day of whimsy all week long...if you care to chuckle or doodle or draw or create silly whimsy things go here

Two Minnesota    No - see - ums!
Now You see- um -- Now You don't.

Could it be true
that birds nest
spiders web
moths hide in a pupa
then what about no-see-ums?

What about those itsy-bitsy flies?
That Floridians call "no-see-ums"
What do they do?
Besides being a nuisance, that is true.
Do they have any other quests?
Like favorite things they do?
Or, are they a fictitious fib?

A real cuddly bugger?  You don't say!
I don't think so.
Thank goodness Minnesota has none.
They like to hang around water you say
never leaving too far from their home too
Imagine New York having them
on the subways!
or the diners!
But, where else are no-see-ums
to be found?


dthaase said...

what a whimsical riot - great addition - thanks for joining the play!

JJ said...

We are loaded with no see ums in Florida this time of year. Good whimsy!

darlin said...

Cute photo. And I only wish we could see the noseeums, at least with mosquitoes we can take revenge!

Enjoy your day.