Wayzata, Minnesota

Friday, April 29, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday wk 23 Apr 27 - May 3

Welcome to another whimsy kind of post....
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Twas once a clown named Sox, and this is Sox!

I once knew a clown

Who never wore a frown
Pleasing everyone in town.

Once, from a land of tall oaks, or Quercus
This silly-frilly-dilly-clown joined a circus
This silly-frilly-dilly-clown named Sox.

Along with Sox
This silly-frilly-dilly-clown named Sox
Came a blue-shoebox
With something so heavy inside this blue-shoebox
Left for the circus
Outside of Castle Firkas.

What’s inside this blue-shoebox?
Waiting for Sox?
the silly-frilly-dilly clown from the circus
Could it be his cousin Alfred Burkas?

Alfred Burkas who
Sox knew
Lived inside this very blue-shoebox
Being a funny cousin of this silly-frilly-dilly-clown
Who never wore a frown
and either did Alfred Burkas

So this silly-frilly-dilly-clown named Sox
who never lived in a blue-shoebox
Oh no, that would just irk us
If he lived in a blue-shoebox
Because this silly-frilly-dilly-clown named Sox
is the life of the circus!


Juniper said...

Cute picture! but clowns are still scary ;-)


Karen S. said...

Juniper, I know my daughter feels the same way, that's why I'm trying to change that feeling, if possible, cuz there are a few out there who really deserve to be known as good clowns!

dthaase said...

my youngest really liked this - glad to have it in this week's whimsical mix

Annabelle said...

Cute and whimsical....lovely work.