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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sepia Saturday : 75 21 May 2011

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine

My father and my sister, Oriana.....surely that's my mother's shadow pictured here taking the picture.  It's sometime in the early 50's.  Who knows where they were headed (I'm not born yet) and nothing written on back of photo, again........obviously they're on a rather large boat!  I'm sure it was an exciting trip to where ever!

Once again we find pleasure in Sepia Saturday with Alan's mysterious group of doctors, expert pool sharps perhaps, or ? .....and each of them just sitting around a leisure game of pool. 

However, in honor of my short (6 day) vacation that I'll be leaving for on Thursday .........I've put together an old fashioned assortment of vacationers and some miscellaneous brochures, to get in the mood of places yet to see  .....So hop aboard the Pennsylvania Railroad and let this vacation begin!

But in case you want to follow Alan's Sepia theme, or just toss in your own theme of the week just go here

Imagine taking your family on the rails with a round trip family ticket from say Elwood, Indiana to Chicago, Ill....(coach) and it costing  only  $18.13  after tax.  Yes! the family for under nineteen dollars....wish I knew the year.   We could all really travel at these prices today!

   Whether you travel by boat, plane, train, hot air balloon, or automobile....who cares...just do it!

Next we have the Brewer family that saved enough money over the winter to travel to Yakima, Washington and below is the brochure for their stay at the Hotel Commercial known for their exceptional moderate rates of $1.50 and up with special suite rates.  They also had special weekly and monthly rates too.
Don't forget to click on the photo to read all the fine details!

Hotel Commercial - Yakima, Washington, their Koffee Shop boasts a statewide reputation being Famous for Good Food..Their Cuisine on a par with famous Yakima Valley apples, peaches and pears.
Mount Rainer A Two-Hour Drive from the Commercial ....also bring your own, rod and clubs so you can fish, hunt or just play golf.

Hotel Commercial

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    *
Then for a quick camping trip somewhere in the bluffs near the St. Croix River is Chandler and Theodore who took an entire week off from their duties just to go camping.

Chandler is on the left and Theodore is next to him.  Actually on the other side of this postcard it's stamped from Edinburgh on July 14, 1909....and was mailed to Miss A. Reattce living in Elmira, Illinois.  Welcome:
TWO MEN and a Tent!!!

Anyone else think these young men need to liven up just a bit?!!!
But, have you ever seen more handsome campers?
Five Men in an Auto...............and.....never forget the famous words of Jack Kerouac, "Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go.  But no matter the road is life."

Hurry up Stanley and drive this thing before our vacation time is up!
...they are a happy bunch on their way to Spokane, Washington......and perhaps they will stop by....Pike's Peak.

and the photo looks like this from a brochure

the other side on photo to read all about it!

.....and last but not least, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson, and is that their driver waiting by the family car, by which they will travel all loaded and ready to begin their vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson ready to visit Mr. and Mrs. Smith for their shared boat ride to...where ever their hearts take them......


Sage said...

You can tell that camping photo is an old one--I've yet to camp in a tie! Great pieces here! Have fun on your vacation.

Bob Scotney said...

There are some interesting hats here and the men in the car each seem to find a different angle at which to wear them. Enjoy your break, Karen.

Little Nell said...

Well if those two men were sharing that tiny tent no wonder they looks so grumpy. A very enjoyable series of photos, but my favourite is the one of your Dad and sister.

barbara and nancy said...

Your wonderful post makes me want to take off, too. Have a great time on your vacation.
Ladies of the grove

Karen S. said...

Little Nell it's my favorite too! I only had 11 short years living with my sister, before she passed away.....

Sage...isn't it funny how properly everyone dressed back then..even camping!

Janice said...

A great collection of pictures! I especially like the one of your dad and sister.

Have a wonderful vacation!

Tattered and Lost said...

All wonderful images. Especially like the two fellows with the tent. Suits and ties and a tent. Now that's camping.

Postcardy said...

I like the picture of your dad and sister too. Have a good trip to where ever!

Kristin said...

"The road goes on forever and the party never ends." wish i could find those prices for our upcoming trip!!


strange camping clothes... and that tram looks to me like a roller coaster ride...
no thanks!!
i love road trips though!!
thanx 4 sharing!!

barbara and nancy said...

I wonder why Mr. and Mrs. Henderson's driver is hiding behind a bush? I also wonder, like everyone else, about the campers in their suits and ties. They look like they're starting a small business on a very small budget.

Karen S. said...

Barbara and Nancy...not sure why he is hiding back there, unless it's because he being the driver (perhaps didn't even know the Henderson's) he didn't want to impose in their photo moment....and those campers are a bit strange sitting out in front of such a small tent too! They really have me baffled!

Brett Payne said...

Yes, I agree, those campers definitely need a little loosening up, and not just their ties.

Alan Burnett said...

That is a fabulous collection - just the thing to get me in a holiday mood myself,