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Friday, May 13, 2011

Thematic Photographic 145 Vehicular better late than never...

Okay yes it's true I am totally late on this ....but Blogger caused a major melt down for posting...since Carmi posted another one today..............I will post one, simply because I have posted every week for TP since my beginning at Written Inc......and would hate to miss one week.
If you too want to push one more in....cuz technically Carmi is holding off the new theme until this weekend, go here

So here is my late....okay very, very extremely late post !

Some days we all move at a very slow pace.......hence my trying to catch the perfect pose...
Life is as good as the food you eat!

and when you are feeling ready to hit the slopes......these chair lifts are very instrumental ..

(I really can't believe I posted a winter photo)'s funny though, once winter finally leaves and the mowers begin scenting the outside like this look rather refreshing don't you think!

Okay and we must include a favorite of mine...

All Lego characters and Lego vehicles need creations like this........just to get to the other side!


darlin said...

Karen, some days I feel just like that critter in your first photo! :-) Great shot!

Awesome Lego creation, makes me want to go out and buy myself some Lego now but I'll save it for an electric train I think. I don't know what it is about the trains but one day I want to build a huge set, one I could sit and watch for hours on end!

I am going to post twice today as well, I went to post last night and no such luck. Now that I know I can turn my blog into a book you bet I'll be posting a photo for each and every day. Mind you before I knew I could do this I posted for every day last year! lol

Enjoy your weekend!

Judie said...

Yesyesyes!! Such great photos yet again! The woman is an artist of the highest quality! That fellow has made me hungry!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

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Have a pleasant weekend.