Wayzata, Minnesota

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday wk 24 4 May 2011

Guess what?  In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday ... My Whimsical Wednesday is devoted to things like flowers and hearts, and those yummy broken cookies to moon-light dancing under the stars........ after all....we all have a Mother...this is true......!

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Happiness is ......all the moments shared together.
You want to make the most of every little scrap life gives you.  My mother taught me that.
       Quoted by Joyce Maynard

My mother always smiled when I gave to her a bunch of those bright yellow flowers that popped up magically all about our yard........


Judie said...

Thanks for that little bit of whimsy to brighten our day! It has been a long time since I have picked any dandelions!

Galen Pearl said...

What fun! I made my mom lots of clover chains!

JJ said...

Yes, I want to make the best of every piece of life!

dthaase said...

great post and addition to this week's whimsicality!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the reminder!

Annabelle said...

Dandelions speak happiness to me. Great post and a very lovely piece of whimsical art.