Wayzata, Minnesota

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday - 10, August 2011

Supporting every one's whimsy and the arts......on this Whimsical edition of Whimsical Wednesday brought to by sea shells by the sea side.....

The Sugar Plum House on Candy Cane Lane - by the sea side.....
                             She sells seashells
                              By the seashore
                            The shells she sells,
                            Are surely seashells,
                           So if she sells seashells
                                On the seashore,
                           Then I'm sure she sells
                                seashore shells.

If you care to play along with your own bit of whimsy, or just want to see other whimsical creations just go here


Karen S. said...

Thanks for supporting Whimsical Wednesday everybody!

Jenny said...

I have never been able to do tongue twisters. I'm lucky sometimes to actually say words in regular order!

Judie said...

She shees shea shells--oh, forget it! I am way too clumsy for that. Love your painting!!

dthaase said...