Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Six Word Saturday - 1 Oct 2011



        It's a common experience that a problem difficult at night, is resolved in the morning- after the committee of sleep has worked on it!. -- John Steinbeck

Mornings, darkness is envious of it- with every sunrise we begin anew - so I'm....

CHOOSING HOW MY DAY WILL BE...................!!
This is gonna be a good, good, great day!

There's always time for sand castles! any age!
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Ron. said...

It does, indeed, knit the ravelled sleeve of care....when you can find it, that is. we insomniacs envy those who do.

Dawn said...

Great pics - and your right...sleep does wonders!

Grace.B said...

Hello Karen,

Glad I find your blog on this saturday meme, I heard about this commetee of sleep, Stevenson told about it too, if I remember well, but I'm getting old so I could be confusing name's ! lol !

This castle pic is so sweet, thanks for sharing and I hope Hope to see you around my blog someday

nice saturday from Grace

sage said...

I like Steinbeck's quote and have found that to be so true.

Brenda Youngerman said...

so....I'm just curious...once you find this committee....can you send them my way when you are done with them??? Pretty please?

That corgi :) said...

If you do find that committee, harness them and find their secret and share it with others! I used to love to make sand castles with the kids when they were younger! So much fun! I hope it is a good day; just visiting from 6WS!


Fi said...

This will be my fifth attempt at commenting on your blog tonight. I have upgraded my Windows Explorer so hopefully it will solve the problem.

I'm a big fan of the Sleep Committee and refer to them regularly for advice. I even resort to the afternoon nanna nap on occasion as well

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful header.

Stopping by from SIX WORD SATURDAY!!

Stop by my blog if you are hungry....I have a post about Saturday food today. :)


darlin said...

Funny how it's said to "sleep on it", if it's big enough well there is no sleep... sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not, either way as long as the grass is still above me does it really matter?

My sleep committee got fired 4 years ago when I went back to educate myself, I might be in the market for a new one come June!

Cloudia said...

Great Good Morning!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

/ )

> < } } ( ° >

Robin Panzer Art said...

Ahhh Precious yet elusive sleep! Great pics, Happy 6w Saturday!

Self Sagacity said...

The picture says it all. Fun and play. What ever the committee has done, hope it all goes in your favor.


the sleep committee is in recess over here...
oh well!!

i see someone was seriously committed to building himself a kingdom. nice layout though...

Karen S. said...

Ticklebear- for sure...a very fine Kingdom it was too....perhaps a bit of no patience for the little molds...just grab the biggest bucket right!!!

Short Story Slam said...

welcome writing for short story slam week 11 today.

thanks, love your blog post.


yeah, and the bucket has the perfect shape for it!!