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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Centus - A Different View


Jenny's prompt photo of the red haired # 6 girl....what is her story?

A DIFFERENT VIEW --  Miss Jenny has given us an easy task of writing up to 100 words about the young girl circled in this photo.  No extra photos, and if you want to play along go here

About 15 years later.......

      Her story begins.....      Watching you read your Kindle so intensely reminds me of a time you huddled with your teammates. Even faced with a loosing streak you marched on.

      Did you ever consider your life could change so drastically?  I envied your enthusiasm, that’s why when you mentioned, not liking people, you floored me.

“Please don’t let a few people spoil it for others.”  I should’ve pushed for your explanation.

     You treasured life, school, everything and everyone in it. You were caring, competitive, supportive, and a gracious leader. People always said splendid things about you.

     Now I wonder what's really going on?


Bethe77 said...

What an awesome write.
Funny how we change or see people. Then years later we see someone different.
This was great!

bj said...

This is great...
It brings to mind how innocent we are as young children....and how things change over the years.
xo bj

Judie said...

Karen, this is such a sensitive piece. I had to read it twice, because the first time I missed something important. What a wonderful take on the prompt. Brava!!

sage said...

is she reading a Kindle or watching a football game on her Ipad? Good one!

anitamombanita said...

Like Judie, I also had to read it twice. Great take on the prompt. I'd love to hear her explanation for not liking people too. I have to say that this week's news has made me think long and hard about questions parents need to ask their children and answers they need to listen to and understand. Nicely done.

Nonna Beach said...

Oh, Karen, that was brilliant ! The baggage of life can certainly change a person over time, much to the chagrin of those who knew her way back when !

Mama Zen said...

Really intriguing take on the prompt. I wonder, too!

darlin said...

Hmmm, interesting to say the least. Maybe she was the one who wrote the book and was rereading her own words... seems to sate my curious mind. :-)

Have a wonderful day!

Cloudia said...

you skillfully allude the the mystery of every person. well done.

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Sue said...

A sad and subtle way to broach this issue. Well done!


Anonymous said...

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Debra Ann Elliott said...

Great post! As always thank you for stopping by my blog.

Galen Pearl said...

Okay, I don't like these word limits, because I want to hear more of the story!!

Alan Burnett said...

Yes, pictures like this always make me ask such questions : and somehow the questions can be far more revealing than the answers.

Bethe77 said...

Karen dropping in to let you know Im awarding you an award. You can pick it up in the morning it will post. You so deserve this award. I love your blog.
Thank you and many blessings

Splendid Little Stars said...

I DO wonder what's going on!

Jenny said...

What happened to her?

Is she suicidal?

What's going on here!?!

I need to know!

That girl is actually our middle Granddaughter and now I'm just getting worried even though I know this is fiction.

Or is it?

Is there some truth in this? Is this your child's story?