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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sepia Saturday 107 : Saturday 7 January 2012

This photo, courtesy of  the Library of Congress in Washington D. C. in April of 1943, with these girls holding rabbits that once were kept as pets are now, being raised for food!

Yes, these dear little furry friends, will be......  Food!  Hence my reason for not following the whole bunny-rabbit theme!  As far too many bunny tales led me to not so
happy bunny tail endings!  !  !

 S E P I A    S A T U R D A Y   POST
           OF  2012

      I shall begin with a mystery!

Who was Allan Stone, and certainly who was his "ant"?

A young lad named, Allan Stone, took this Merry Christmas Post Card, and changed it to -
a Happy New Year Card...and posted a letter to his "ant" obviously a dear aunt of his, and attached a wee sized envelope to carry it all the way to her....
Our Alan, from Sepia Saturday blog, has served us a fine photo of a lassie with her angora haired bunny rabbit and it brought to my mind a post card I recently obtained that was served straight from the heart of a fine lad....may I introduce, Allan Stone.

                  This is what his letter read,

                           Dear ant I will write you a few lines to tell yow we are all well and Kopeing (freudian slip "coping?)to find yow the same. How are you and all the children ansewer soon.
and I wish yow wood come out hear.  So, I will close fore this time. From your loveing nephwe Allan Stone

                    Sure, his spelling wasn't the greatest, but his heart was definitely in the right place, and his words made sense.

                                The backside of Allan's letter (he attached to the front side) of the post card to his aunt......  unknown to us by name or address.  Surely this was placed inside another letter......perhaps from his parents?

Wishing for more insight into Allan Stone, I searched through the entire box for something more.

.....and I found this post card from A. L. Stone (possibly related?)

It shows the sender, A. L. Stone as being in St. John's a neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, at 441 Lombard Street, Portland and it's mailed to a (Dear friend) in Forest Grove, Oregon also a neighborhood of Portland and not that many miles away from each other. 

It almost seems odd, but back then how did you get word to people the quickest? 

 Is this A. L. Stone connected to Allan?  Strangely enough, if you look at what the post card is showing....

The front reads, Gates Ajar- Como Park, and this is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

I'm thinking that Allan Stone is from Minnesota.  Looking through, it's quite possible he was from Park Rapids, Minnesota.  If so, his father was a doctor. 

                  The card doesn't offer much information leading to any young only mentions the sender is going into Portland for dinner and that the receiver is or was in the hospital.....and Allan's card doesn't offer a date either.  So was it all from 1915?

...and what if this post card is from Allan himself, a few years later maybe?  A.L. Stone? Allan?  We really haven't a clue when his letter to his aunt was sent.  This is a post card from St. Paul, Minnesota.  All of which was in this one box of keepsakes....... it makes sense to me.  For now it's still just a mystery.  But it gives me a reason to take another look see into any more boxes of postcards, or letters if possible....time permitting that is.

In any case, Allan's greetings to his dear ant, is special no matter what.  I'm sure she was very pleased upon receiving it.

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Postcardy said...

I am guessing that he was "hoping" to find them the same--that is a very common thing to write on a postcard.

Bob Scotney said...

I'm both disappointed and glad that you abandoned the rabbit theme. The story behind the postcard is intriguing. It reminded me I once knew and Alan Stone - I wonder what became of him. Tracking down 'your' Allan must have been an interesting exercise.

Anonymous said...

Poor rabbits - you were right to skim over them! Hope you solved the A L Stone mystery and post about it :-) Jo

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It always amazes me too, when I see a postcard message that says something like "I'll meet you tomorrow", when it's it's only a few miles away. We forget that phones weren't everywhere in those days. and the other thing we forget is how fast and reliable the postal services were.

JJ said...

Wow! I wouldn't mind solving the mystery. I love Sepia Saturday.

Liz Stratton said...

What a great mystery to start the New Year!

Little Nell said...

Yes, it was a good move to shy away from potential rabbit pie Karen. I’m intrigued by wee Allan Stone and his nicely written note to his ‘Ant’. Someone thought it was worth preserving. Let’s hope it was auntie and that she treasured it.

Tattered and Lost said...

I do love to find children's letters withphonetic spelling. Of course when you find one from an adult....

These days with the nonsensical texting brevity and these people showing up for work thinking this form of writing is acceptable everywhere, well...Allan's little note looks like a genius wrote it.

Enjoyable post.

Nancy said...

What a sleuthing job you've done. Wouldn't it be amazing if a descendant of A. L. Stone were looking for him and found your post?! I know it's a needle in a haystack sort of thing, considering what a common name Stone is.

I love the photo of the gate. It is amazing.

Alan Burnett said...

I am proud to feature - even in my own small way - in such a tale.We must be the first generation that ever lived that has the technology for solving such mysteries and in the process we are all investigators.


I'm "hopeing", or should I say "kopeing"(?), that you'll find more about him in that box!!

tony said...

Leave No Stone Unturned!:)