Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six Word Saturday 28 January 2012


            Cate, from Show My Face, blog asks for six words to express your day or life or what ever you want...  my six words today have been surfacing all week....

                     Have you ever tried chasing butterflies?


allow yourself to
journey into
mysterious adventures
that are
always waiting
just around the corner.

Sometimes just trying to stand on your head takes away a blue day...

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Linda said...

Pretty pictures...and encouraging words in your post today!

Happy Saturday!

vivinfrance said...

What a great idea - I'm off to stand on my head...

Jim said...

Hi Karen ~~ I love your calico cat. We have not had one but Mrs. Jim says no more cats after Amber.

I have a grader to smooth my bumps in the name of Mrs. Jim. She does wonders with me. You should have seen me before we were married and had Karen. I had long hippy-like hair, rode a motorcycle, and smoked a pipe.

My Kid's Mom said...

I love the cat picture! And the old housed are really cool.

Fi said...

Now I know what I need to do to improve my days - stand on my head! What a great pic

laurak@forestwalkart said...

...chasing butterflies can sure smooth my life's bumpy roads...
but since there aren't many around right now...still a bit chilly...maybe i'll try standing on my head!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

allow yourself to
journey into
mysterious adventures
that are
always waiting
just around the corner.

I love this so much that I am going to add it to my favourite quotes at my facebook profile. I'll attribute it to 'Karen S.' at your blog url.

Karen S. said...

Rosemary, thanks so much! What a nice thing to say...and you certainly can use it....I really enjoy seeing uplifting quotes myself, especially on Facebook, where sometimes it's more about rants.... Have a great week !


My own cats did provide me with a few weird pics...

And my daily dose of laughters!

JosephAlsarraf said...

Yes, I've tried chasing butterflies before, their hard to catch. Lol! I always like to spin around in my chair when i'm felling down. : )