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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The White Screen

I don't like complaining, but sometimes we must, for others to understand "What's really going on."


Excuse me, but Who's running Blogger anyway?


Is anyone else in our lovely Blogosphere experiencing the big, blank so very WHITE screen?

Does Blogger have competition? If so, is the competition sending little gnomes to terrorize us?!

Because it's working!

Who has time for big white screens.... ?

and waiting and waiting...and still -  a big white screen!

I knew the other day I shouldn't have agreed that Blogger was working well!

My mother always said it would jinx things!

Gotta add, so far as yet!

So far today, in my blog roll list two of my favorite blogger friends, Galen, from 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place, blog and Darlin, from My Life So Far, blog ...may think I'm snubbing them, (I hope they don't) but I only get a quick flash of their post and then the big, WHITE screen!..and still, Judie, at Rogue Artists, blog.....

My sigh, has turned into a Grrrrrrrrrrr!

At first, I thought it was fixed.  Things went smoothly.... (compared to the last couple of days) except one comment I tried leaving, just gave me a big white nothing....

still I blogged on.... free sailing.....

and then everything went south again.............. Red Light

So just know, if I haven't been around, yes life is busy, but it's really the big, white screen effect from Blogger that's keeping me away!

So Please........... if you have a moment, or a suggestion, (hopefully the big white screen hasn't kept you away) please tell me something in the comments, if you have any idea about the big, white screen effect!

I know, as before, we just have to sigh a bit and eventually Blogger fixes things.....

Thanks for stopping by, if you could!  It's so wonderful to spend time with you all.....really!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Hate to frustrate you more but what white screen?? I have no idea.. have u tried going to the help tab and posting this to Google? they've helped me out alot.

Karen S. said...

Chrissy- Yeah, I will do that next.... it only happens on a few blogs, and again I only experience trouble on blogger. Galen had a similar problem last week, with her comments, and another friend of mine still has trouble with her comments, but at last mine have been corrected in that area...I so far, until this goofy white screen had been working! You are lucky, you don't seem to ever have trouble with blogger. I know Jenny Matlock was having a wicked time as she called it trying to answer her weekly bloggers... this too shall pass right!


I'm knocking on wood as I report I have nothing to report. Things seem fine here... I spend so much time on my computer, something like this would likely make me blow a fuse. I don't have time for shenanigans!! I even changed my computer recently because I felt the old one was not performing at its max... and I have a high speed connection, a real one!!

Hoping things will improve in your case. Good luck!!

Filip Demuinck said...

Great picture of the donkey's.