Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thematic Photographic 190 I See


Can you guess Carmi's theme by this photo?

Does this photo give it away?

It's also the title of a movie I saw last Friday night.

The best Snow White story ever!
Now you know, right?


Mirror, mirror on my mind, show me who's the fairest of them all.

Funny, how one tiny light bulb is brighter than the sun.
Mirror, mirror through this window glass, a spark of inspiration jumped through my lens
and caught

pure speculation-of what could have been if
only the sun had played along too.

Unlocking the secret of what's on the other side
is just an accidental discovery when fate arrived for this photo moment.

Wouldn't you agree that sometimes,
 it's the scene outside the window
 that is the better picture?
What do you think?

      Mirror, mirror on this window glass, who's the truest of them all? Just shows what you see is not always what's really there. 

Mirror, mirror, on my car tell me please are we coming or going?

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Lisa Shafer said...

I like that top one very much. The lamp post is also excellent.

Cloudia said...

um, let me reflect a while...

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral


Max Sartin said...

As always, your writing is at least half the fun! Love that one of the Museum Store, with the reflection of the building.

Bob Scotney said...

There's a ghostly feel to your first picture. The museum shot is superb. A thoroughly entertaining post again, Karen/

Gilly said...

Love that first one, and the others give a rather surrel look to the world! And the museum one is fantastic!

Titania said...

Hi Karen, the glass of red will do me fine, splendid. My guess, you are just about to turn into your garage; I said "guess".

laurak@forestwalkart said...

terrific mirrored shots karen!! i especially like the museum window!!

darlin said...

I'd already read Carmi's blog so I knew what you were up to! lol I especially like the lamppost reflection and the museum. I also love reflections and now that my business is out of the way until at least Tuesday I'll be on the lookout for reflections. Cheers!

Karen S. said...

Titania- Actually no, (not mine) that is a photo taken in Minneapolis, and the house and garage in the photo is a famous metal-fab house and they recently added on to it! Minneapolis has several of these houses around town!

Karen S. said...

Darlin- I just know you'll discover some awesome reflections where you are!

Karen S. said...

Laura- thanks, I've posted some of those shots here and there before, I just really enjoy that town of Northfield, they just have it all there. Nearly, but you can't miss when taking photos there at all! This town even beats Cannon Falls in many ways. But they are all on the river!

sage said...

Great reflections!

Snowcatcher said...

I love playing with reflections in photos. You've captured a magnificent range of sights as reflections. Very creative!

Rek said...

Beautiful ones, specially the museum store and the lamp post ones. I thought reflections even before you prompted, so close enough, right? The reflections are so clear, my hands always give mine a less then perfect effect. :)
Thanks a lot, Karen for your words, didn't want to crib and wash dirty linen in public, but it come out that way...Its better to be busy than idle...they say it becomes a devil's workshop.
Take care, thanks for being there, you never how your words can change someone perception. :)

Elizabeth Hernandez said...

Great captures of the mirror mirror!
Your photos are always amazing.

Little Nell said...

I think the glass of red swung it for me too - but all great shots to reflect on :)