Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Centus The Language of Fire


Crown King, Arizona. The Gladiator Fire, in the Prescott National Forest. Photo by Jenny M.


A white centered-yellow circle hovers
over mountain tops
while smoke clouds tow their shadows
over me.

All the crowns or kings
of the world
can't help us now.

As this raging wildfire
threads its brutal way
through eyes
of destruction.

A certain immense quiet
of my empty thoughts
upon our jointed, waking burdens
of tremendous loss.

Black thickened smoke clouds
penetrate the scent of disbelief
through smokey air.

Listening for a higher voice
as tumbleweeds
scurry for survival
and dance no more.

Once again
another senseless fire
wiping up this spilled
called home.

This has been my offering for Jenny's Saturday Centus.

I'm asking is there a universal exchange between wildfires? What is the significance of this roaring fire from Crown King, Arizona (sure I know it's the dry-spring season) and is it reaching out in hopes of catching up to the blazing wildfire here in Ely, Minnesota?  I surely hope not.  Our hearts and prayers reach out to all the fire crews that continue to work through the weekend in efforts to suppress these fires.  Godspeed.

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Sue said...

Being from Southern California, I have a close acquaintance with wildfire.

Don't like it much.

I did like your poem, though!


Steve Gravano said...

We had a big forest fire here on Long Island a few weeks ago. Scary. Yes it a good idea to keep those men and women that risk their lives for us in our prayers. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Bien Gio y Titicaca! aidez Debbie! aidez votre grand amie! et sobretodo Gio contale a Titi que hace 6 years me llamaste por telefono llorando por la cocaina de Marco.. cuando rompio un auto a 8 mil euros en su locura! y me preguntastes: -cuando Emi sera mayor de edad y vos seras libre Vero?? buen saturday gente linda y chusma demerde!

Judie said...

Karen, Arizona lives with the threat of wildfires, as does California. We haven't cornered the market on them by any means, however. Great Centus!!

Christine said...

It has been a dry spring, but we are experiencing a very wet long weekend here today. There is so much to read in a fire. Nice one.

anitamombanita said...

That was a spirited take on the prompt. Living at the base of a steep mountainside that is heavily wooded gives us pause every year when the abundance of spring and summer turns to dry kindling each fall.

Gail said...

You voiced the truth of fire.

Naila Moon said...

As I told another in the Centus, I was unaware of what the picture was from. I went a whole different direction.

ANyway, those fires are crazy. We have fires here but they are usually smaller and much more contained.

Great write.
~Naila Moon

sage said...

Nice writing... When I lived in Cedar City, Utah, the airport was a tanker refueling and loading station. During the bad fire years, planes were taking off and landing as quickly as possible as they'd go drop retardant and then return for more. It was exciting to watch, but that's a dangerous job.

Thanks for the update in my blog--I finally got another post up!

rmannell said...

The scene in the photo is all too familiar for an Australian living in a country town surrounded by national parks. The imagery in your poem speaks greatly of the feelings when confronted with such a fire.

Jo said...

we have our fare share of forest fires here as well ... so sad ... Your poem was excellent ...

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Incredible poem--despite the tragic subject. I just realized that I have a very dear friend in the area of that Arizona fire.

Filip and Kristel said...

Nature can be dangerous and beautiful at the same time.


Galen Pearl said...

Very powerful. And yes, I join in your prayers of safety for all.

Ames said...

See the devastation man can wreak. Well written!~Ames

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for posting.

Jenny said...

Once again
another senseless fire
wiping up this spilled
called home.

Wow. I am enchanted with that line.

I know that in AZ wildfires kind of 'bleed' together and get out of control. Your thought that they could stretch so far really makes me think...definitely it feels sometimes like we are on the 'eve of destruction'.

Wonderful use of this picture prompt.

JosephAlsarraf said...

I don't know, I know that Texas, Arizona and all the those other places usually have annual wild fires that they can't help but, sometimes like last year when we had that bad drought. We get alot of wildfires.

Wild fires in Minnesota? Sorry to hear that, hope no one gets burned! : )