Wayzata, Minnesota

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mag 120


Image- Klaus Enrique Gerdes.

Vegetable man?  Or woman?  How can you tell?

Le Veritable Amour

There it was again
sweet woodsy, whispering breeze.
Warm air, and salty sea
wistfully teasing.
Busy bees
buzzed incessantly,

overhead again.
A million cicadas screamed.
this day

A chilly wait for making
moment spectacles,

of branches sprouting
luscious flowers blooming,

you were born
with sticks and stems trembling
and deafening roots squatting.

Every delicious, edible delight
all intoxicatingly romantic

and incredibly loved
we begin playing chase again.

Link to Magpie tales
picture prompt
blog by Tess Kincaid


Sue said...

you were born
with sticks and stems trembling
and deafening roots squatting.

My favorite lines.


Helen said...

This is lovely ... gender might be irrelevant when consuming something so yummy :)

Tess Kincaid said...

Earthy and lovely...

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

this was a playful read that I enjoyed reading that made you think at the same time, good work

Little Nell said...

Clever picture, clever words. That’s a game of chase I’d like to witness!

Brian Miller said... your descriptions in this...and the embedded message as well...smiles...

Berowne said...

A sparkling, original response to the prompt.

Snowcatcher said...

Oh, my gosh! It makes me hungry, but it's too beautiful to eat!!!

Lisa Shafer said...

Funny! Looks like it took a ton of work.

Jinksy said...

If I had this chap chasing me, I'd run like billy-o!

darlin said...

A true piece of art Karen, both the fruit and veg arrangement and the writing, well done!

Leovi said...

Interesting and delicious poem on love.

Grace said...

Lovely chase around the garden ~ The underlying sensuality is great as well ~

izzy said...

I immediately though it was male-
and by the end of your poem I thought baby!

Cathy said...

Well, there is something deliciously heathen about it. Me gusta. :)

laurak@forestwalkart said...

looks like a man to me...i can see bushy eyebrows and a mustache (hmmm, guess that doesn't always mean it's a man though)...