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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sepia Saturday - 21 July 2012


Oh where or where have all the good fairies gone?

Greetings from the rehearsal for "Fairy Hour"
April 11, 1925

Any ideas about our theme this week?

Does this photo by Alan, from Sepia Saturday give you any clues?

Did I hear somebody mention "Health Fairy?" In a room filled with eager ears in 1920.

Come, let me read what it says on the back of this photograph.

"What sorcery within a night has made a city street into a fairy glade?"
They mention this location is possibly Detroit, Michigan. Or, could it be Saint Paul, Minnesota?

Searching for fairies......

I thought for a moment this couple might be able to explain.
When I asked what they were shooting out in the forest she replied, "Fairies..." 
Fairies?  Really?
But he snorted, "Hogwash!  Fairies aren't real."

This is what their camera view was, The Buckstone, at Forest of Dean, England.
Could fairies be lurking, or frolicking in playful rhythm here?

If one were to locate the woods that fairies once occupied it would be much like this video below.

A short film about standing stones and other spiritual places within the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean.  One stone carries the story about pricking it with a pin at the stroke of midnight and the stone will bleed!

Perhaps we could send a letter requesting more information to King Charles, at
King Charles Tower, Chester, England?

Somebody there should know don't you think?

Besides doesn't this tower seem like a perfect hiding place for fairies?

Oh well, we gave it a good try.

Of course had we uncovered anything it would be scandalous news;  this business about fairies or other elves and such silly things of nonsense like nymphs scurrying about.

Just look at the time, I've run out of Sepia Saturday moments since today I'm on Island time
and wouldn't you know the Glanderbrasses are putting on a Garden Party at
 Governor's Island.
Florence Kimball (above) and escort are being offered food already.  All the important folks are already arriving!

In closing about our dear fairy theme, I believe this short video explains why we haven't been able to catch any fairies and post them here.

Please watch "How to see fairies"

So until next week, be assured I'll keep my eyes open for any fairies I may meet along the week!

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Alan Burnett said...

A tour-de-force Karen, a trip around images and thoughts on fairy wings. Delightful.

Little Nell said...

What an enjoyable frolic in fairyland! I lived near Stonehenge in Wiltshire for many years; a spiritual place full of mystery and where Druids worship at Summer Solstice. It could just as easily be the haunt of fairies though.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Lovely story, an adventure in fantasy! I loved the video of the Wye Valley because we were there recently.

barbara and nancy said...

What a fun post. I thought the girl in the last photo had a basket full of flowers - kind of a my fair-y lady.

Kristin said...

Maybe they are eating flowers at this event.

Joy said...

Definitely looks like a fairy glade in the "looking for fairies". By coincidence I was on the walls of Chester last week and would like to report I didn't see any fairies there either, perhaps because they had some scaffolding by the tower:-)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Karen, your first line delighted me, and I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I watched the video, and saw a lot in it. I see faces and tree spirits after I develop my pictures a lot. I have captured a couple of fairies too ... but didn't think about all of that when I went with the camping theme, lol.

Wonderful post,

Kathy M.

Queen Bee said...

Enjoyed your post and pics so much. Have to report no fairies were visible during my visit in May of 2000 to the Walls of Chester. :)

Sharon said...

A very enjoyable and enchanting post.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

love all your old photos karen...especially the stone tower...i think i caught a glimpse of fairies in the windows...
i know we have them in the woods here...i can sometimes hear the flutter of their wings...

magical faerie post! :)

Wendy said...

I love the street scene -- I could be convinced it is a fairy glade.

darlin said...

Your post has me smiling; the old photos are amazing as is your theme. I was waiting for you to say you'd best get to the party before your chariot turned back into a pumpkin!

Have fun! :-)


Fairies, in broad daylight? Unlikely!!
Try coming back after midnight and careful what you may find...

Mike Brubaker said...

Only needs Mendelssohn's music for Midsummer Night's Dream to cover the whole fairy theme! Enchanting indeed.

Teresa Wilson Rogers said...

What wonderful photos! I especially liked the lady in victorian costume complete with parasol!