Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thematic Photographic - #205 Broken


Carmi, from Written Inc. blog, has offered "Broken" as our theme for this week.

Is it the horrible shootings in Aurora that cries volumes of broken in our hearts of late?

So many forms of broken

all around town

and in the countryside as well.

 Broken fences need to be mended.

So many fallen trees and broken branches to gather from recent storms.

In my neighborhood sits this sad little alien house, broken and in ruins.  It's owners just up and left. 

When you try your best but you don't succeed
Is that what happened here?
***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***     

So many simple things that crumble away with time often remain broken.

If you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth.

Our Minnesota weather has been rather out of character lately.

I took this photo in
 Northern Minnesota of a broken frozen lake broken, that soon melted away in early February!
So unheard of!

It's always good to have an extra plane for spare parts when your favorite plane becomes

Tears stream down on your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down on your face
And I....

My face pressed against the glass outside looking in

to what once was an established place of business yesterday.  Today - broken.

I wonder who will rent this broken space next?

Lights will guide you home
and ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you.

If you're feeling broken here's a tune to fix you!

Coldplay with

Fix You

If you want to play along with Thematic Photographic
go here


Lisa Shafer said...

Oh, I like the old house. That's like a story waiting to happen!

Ms. Corby said...

The song is Coldplay, very cool. I wonder what the walls look like in that house?!

cloudia charters said...

Nicely woven tapestry!

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Max Sartin said...

I want that old home, I'd love to fix it up, bet it was beautiful in it's day.
As always, love your pictures and your prose. You came up with some great borkens.

Max Sartin said...

Borkens? What's a borken. I meant "brokens".

Alan Burnett said...

Lovely. If your photographs are anything to go by, you camera is anything but broken.

Little Nell said...

Some of these images are so sad, especially the broken house, but there’s a thread of hope running through I think. The broken lake - sounds like the beginning of a a poem there Karen.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

That's a strange room. It looks like a mural of John Lennon. He also wanted to fix things.

sage said...

lots of wonderful photos and each could tell a different story

Bob Scotney said...

As I'm in the middle of some DIY outside jobs the last thing I needed to see was a broken wall. However I'm glad my house is in better condition than that abandoned house. It looks ready for a ghostly inhabitant.

Karen S. said...

Rob- I think that is John Lennon, as there were many "artists" of all walks within this place.

Karen S. said...

Max- I kind of like that new word, borkens! It also sounds like a family that may have lived in that old spooky house! All those in favor of fixing broken to borkens! Say yes! :)

Karen S. said...

Bob- I know what you mean. After this fencing was damaged they opted to repair several broken things, and even supplied a port-a-potty for the repairmen!

Karen S. said...

Little Nell- It does sound inspiring, but then lakes are a favorite thing of mine too!

Karen S. said...

Lisa- you are so right! I drive by that house often twice a day, and it still gets my attention. Quite a story! It has other buildings on the property, all with the same ending.

Snowcatcher said...

Very deep theme, and a thought-provoking post. Broken is a very good description of what has happened in Colorado.

Like you, I too am finding it more and more difficult to keep up with my friends' blogs; but they're all so good, I will keep trying!

Filip and Kristel said...

You seem to be a fan of these thematic blog entries.


Karen S. said...

Filip and Kristel - Yes, I guess I am quite a fan of the TP posts, and taking a random word and exploring it! It's rather fun matching it with photos I've taken or just going out and capturing one to fit!

Karen S. said...

Snowcatcher- absolutely. As for catching up I think we all will adventually,(when summer fades!) but we're all always here-and we can only do the best we can right! Thanks for stopping by!

Alexia said...

This is a selection of quite sad images in some ways - but they really make me think. The old house looks like a good setting for one of Lisa's books...
The ice pic (ha!) is beautifully composed.

Coldplay - yes!

JJ said...

The "alien house" reminds me of a Joyce Kilmer poem. Tragic.

Gilly said...

You've tied those shots in so well to the theme - I enjoyed them. But the broken house made me feel so sad. I wonder what the story was - lost job, no money, split marriage? It looked a lovely little house.

And the boy with the aeroplane is great!

JosephAlsarraf said...

Cool house, I always wonder about those broken and abandon ones. "if ain't broke don't fix it." One of my favorite quotes. : )

laura.forestdreams:) said...

...where's the repairman when you need him? uh...i mean 'repair-person'!!

lots of assorted broken things, but with some time and a little TLC...much can be repaired!

nice BROKEN shots karen!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Take a sad house, and make it better...

Lovely pics, Karen!