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Monday, August 6, 2012

Thematic Photographic 207 The How To


Carmi has a twist for our theme today.  It's not about a certain theme/what, but rather with how we take photos (per smartphone or other mobile device) such as BlackBerry or the iPhone, Tablet, iPod or basic feature phone.

The longer I think about Carmi's idea the more I enjoy it.  Since lately it seems the gadgets we use and carry daily whether it's our work or private mobile device, all have their own ups and downs.

Let the mobile devices roll

"I saw it through the grapevine"...Taken from a basic feature phone - or dumbphone!

 Boat on water -  BlackBerry

The All Stars!

Yes, it's a smartphone (via Hipstamatic)
It's like playing with the old plastic cameras!
(and yes it's kind of like cheating using this!)

"Did you know that, if you visualise, you can actually hug on the phone?"
Shelley Long

Yes, another dumbphone photo, taken once I got home today, and this does keep a longer charge!

Oldies but Sprint - Really, major Basic dumbphone!
This photo still on my phone and over a year old!

Comments about photos from this (work phone) "Your pictures are so tiny!"

Also a Sprint dumbphone!  From about three weeks ago.

You want to know what I really miss now that most of the world carries their only phone service on their body

are pay telephones!

Seriously!  Just try and find one quickly today!

Yes, we are a small collective group that still has a Land line, plus a working answering machine that I can still call home and talk to my animals!

So if want to play along with Carmi's TP
go here


Bethe77 said...

Wow our gadgets and phones and other devices sure make some great photos. I like you stll have a land line and answering service wouldnt be without it. I also miss the pay phone.Though those I have located cost almost two dollars per minute.Maybe carrying a cell phone is good. Unless we are in dead zone.

Karen S. said...

Bethe, hello, so good to see you here! Yes I enjoy my land line, and my family and friends know once I'm home my cell phone gets shut off! land line only! Plus I really do call my dogs mostly, especially when they are home alone for long hours!

Max Sartin said...

I can remember when I always carried a dime in my shoe just in case I had to call home. Pay phones, like 8-tracks, are a thing of the past.

Great set of photos, love that one of the boat on the water. The kids are cute too, especially with Snoopy following behind!

darlin said...

Karen I love what you call your phone... yup I must agree they are dumb phones all right! But... always a but... they do take some nice photos and video. Naturally I had to play with mine the minute I got it. I didn't care about calling anyone, I wanted to see what kind of photos it shot! When I get it back this week (only 6 weeks in use and I had to send it in for repairs, dumb phone!) I'll play along with Carmi. I'll take my cell phone, my P&S and my DSLR all out for a trip around the block and post a photo from each to compare and contrast them.

Thanks for the idea.

Excellent post once again!

Cheers, have a wonderful week.

Jenny Woolf said...

Interesting. Pictures on my iphone are generally quite good except that they have a magenta cast. I never know how to get rid of it.

Lisa Shafer said...

If it takes pictures at all, it's not a dumbphone. I am the proud owner of a dumbphone, which makes phone calls. That is all: no texting, no music, no games, no pictures -- just calls.

The Snoopy is really cute. :)

Little Nell said...

I'm constantly amazed at the quality of phone photos. I don't have one. Even my iPad is Mk 1 so no camera.

Karen S. said...

Lisa, How funny that there's a real label out there for dumbphones! Thanks for the FYI! I named my phone that so long ago I forget when really! (should have known I wasn't the first!)

Just Two Chicks said...

I love Snoopy! Such cute kids :) Great pictures

Snowcatcher said...

I, too, was the owner of a truly dumbphone until a couple of years ago. I went through every manufacturer trying to find another when it died. I'm not sure anyone makes them anymore!!! So I settled for a used model, someone else's throwaway rebuilt, and I deeply regretted not making the change years earlier. Not only do I love being able to take photos when I can't carry a big camera, but I am now addicted to being able to look at the weather forecast so easily. (when we have signal, that is) I also enjoy the music, sometimes the web, and when I have time and a steady hand, email. I can't believe I looked down on these things for so long!

Filip and Kristel said...

When I see Snoopy, I think of my favourite amusement park, Cedar Point.


Aunt Snow said...

What's funny is that I notice that people who normally get annoyed at seeing someone take a photo with a camera, don't seem to be as annoyed at seeing someone take a photo with a phone. Or am I imagining that?

Alexia said...

Thanks for the great selection, showing us what these devices can do!

I notice my students taking photos of notes written on the board, other kids' work when they've been away and missed something important - smartphones will be their major device for everything as they get older!!

Love the All Stars - and the hibiscus :)

Karen S. said...

Aunt Snow - I totally agree with you. Maybe because everyone seems to be using them so much, people begin to not notice, but pull out a camera and look out!

Karen S. said...

Alexia, you are so right. But just watching people with their phones and how much they miss in the real world around them, is a bit frightening, especially for the youngsters growing up today!

Bob Scotney said...

My mobile is very static and rarely switched on. It's meant for emergency calls for my wife to pick me up from somewhere I've been. Calls and text capability only. Yes we have a landline and an ansaphone.
You could say it's not the phone that's dumb - just the owner.
Still I admire all your pics, especially the one with the Blackberry - which reminds me they will soon be ready to pick.

Karen S. said...

Bob- You always make me laugh! I will have to check out your ansaphone! I also would rather eat a blackberry than use one!

Carmi Levy said...

As always, Karen, I love the diversity you bring to each and every theme. What a delight! I'vr got to spend more time with Hipstamatic...what an amazing end result!

Happy sigh...I'm so glad we travelled the unconventional road with this week's theme!

Carmi Levy said...

Oops, and where are my manners? To answer your question, yes, ANY mobile device is fair game. Basic phone, smartphone, tablet, whatever ya got!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

so many pictures...from so many devices! haha.

i'm glad i don't have a smart phone, a blackberry, an iphone, ipad...
JUST my camera! hahahaha.
don't have to worry about charging all that stuff!! :)

Gilly said...

Those are two cute kids - and the other photos very good. Surprising what phones can do nowadays!