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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Centus- Writer's Block Attack

From the pages of her thoughts, beginning from Chapter: Fighting Back until she closes with....

Welcome to another
Saturday Centus-

from Jenny's blog "Off on my tangent" where she drums up prompts for us to answer with "Flash fiction" as a rule- or not!

Today's prompt is: "The pain was excruciating-" up to 104 words of any style writing and any number of photos we wish to post!

Writer's Block Attack

The pain was excruciating, but my limp fevered fingers trudged on
locked upon delirious thoughts; forever emerging in duplicate form. 
 Each breath I take, rocks my being from migraine knuckles
 onward and throughout
those spawning memories I long to forget. 


How do I release these heaping helpings while being too lost for words? 
Their surplus bitterly exhausting, to the point of my becoming
violently sick without their release. 
Again, I plunge head first- fingers last, slowed to a simple crawl across my keyboard. 
My idiot memories tracking my soul, while inflicting my brain in a sludgy, semi consciousness state; leaving me a pain-wracked writer.

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of all writers?

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Gail said...

So good and so familiar it struck a chord with me. My fingers were just chopping out junk today.

Dreaming said... is painful. Your post is why I still haven't put up anything for today's prompt!

Karen S. said...

Dreaming- maybe we need something absolutely silly in our a crazy-stupid-funny photo fo some kind! Wonder what Miss Jenny would say to that?

beckyp said...

I have writers block as well. I'll probably end up not doing a post

Karen S. said...

Beckyp-Oh that's too bad! But I'm happy you stopped by!

Viki said...

I know this all too well. Beautifully written.

Tgoette said...

Well done, Karen! You encapsulated so eloquently what so many of us regularly experience, and you did it in so few words! Super!

Melissa said...

Definitely strikes a chord. Very familiar feeling. I discovered the challenge just half an hour or so ago. I'm intrigued. My only problem is trying to get it down to 100 words. Anything less than the 140 I've written and it feels like crap.

How do you do it?

Karen S. said...

Melissa- hello- cool that you stopped by thanks! I know the feeling- most times I just write it out then start delete, delete, delete- tightening it up- thank goodness we have a limit too, because if you want to go around and read every other post- it can take a lot of time! Now I have to go check yours!

Jenny said...

okey, dokey.

Crazy stupid dumb photo coming up next week.

I'll put it on my calendar cuz I will never remember otherwise.

I think my delete key is semi-non-functional cuz I never end up editing as much as I should!

Happy December 1!

Yep, I'm catching up!

Go me!