Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Centus - 19 January 2013

I know, this is where I would normally welcome you......

but, I can't!

Winter has me down!


Weeping for Spring

 I simply cannot, I tell you!
I simply won't!
Not with that photo Jenny served today.
Oh no I can't!
I'll bet she posted from here today too!
Oh I could slice up a few choice thoughts today
about tender, juicy and most scrumptious looking way
too cool, bright RED tomatoes.  WAIT! I can, in 100 words today,
any style writing, any additional photos too!

Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Okay not quite yet-
but it's coming around sunset.

Hear the winds blowing in too?
We've dropped four degrees too!

Miss Jenny why tease me with those succulent goodies today?
Oh I care not-
 I'll be brave!
Our winds are blowing in from the east they say!
Just look at my garden today!

By morning it'll be this, no hope for little tomatoes today.

I told you, my temperature is now 21!

I swear I'm hiding with my stash of tomatoes  (bought out 4 stores) of luscious oh sweet, delicious tomatoes, just for me, until this brutal storm is over!

Of course you all know this was just for fun, we all love Miss Jenny at Saturday Centus oh so much....!

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Bookie said...

So glad you have your stockpile of 'maters for the storm!!!

Bethe77 said...

Love coming to see your blog.
Always makes me smile

Karen S. said...

Bethe- Thanks! I like to see you too!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Batten down the hatches and stay warm! You showed some beautiful gardens:@)

laura.forestdreams:) said... always make me smile karen!

those tomatoes sure look good, at least they had them in the stores, so you could gather them all up...and make it through your freezing winter! (mmmm, BLT!! i've had a craving for one of those lately!)

but i think,,,before we know it...winter will be behind us.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

ahhh...don't be down.

Karen S. said...

Mac- I know right, who doesn't like waking up to frozen toes! Ha ha! I wrote this actually feeling quite silly about our whole gonna be a bad cold spell- everyone was so concerned on FB and you know, the cold spell will pass soon enough! With the help of tomatoes!

Karen S. said...

Laura- I'm holding you to those words! Yes, please mother nature bring on spring! ..and now that you mention it a BLT sounds GREAT!

Karen S. said...

Happier than a pig in mud- I know winter can have it's pretty side- in pictures! Ha ha!

Sue said...

Yikes! That's some very wintry weather you've got going on!!


Filip and Kristel said...

What a swimming pool !!! Just top.


Galen Pearl said...

Well, like Bambi's mother said, "Winter won't last forever." And the days are getting longer now!

Za faran said...

those tomatoes look so good, so red that I was drawn to it!

Karen S. said...

Galen- I'm counting on Bambi's mother being right!!!

Karen S. said...

Za faran- thanks, I had to really go to the store today just to really buy more tomatoes! Ha ha!

Karen S. said...

Filip - it sure is!