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Friday, January 4, 2013

Sepia Saturday #158 - 5 January 2013



Alan's theme this week is along the lines of Scottish Soldiers- and my thoughts linger in the lovely word Scottish, and dreamy Scotland.  My family albums seldom visit Scotland, sadly, since none of my relatives were born there, so I don't have any photos from my own private collection.

The Black Watch Monument
Aberfeldy, Scotland 1890-1900

A short video of the monument

Here is a bit of history about the Black Watch Monument and how it came to be.


Click to enlarge all photos!
From the Tweed, Abbotsford, Scotland ca. between 1890 - 1900.
Also close to Abbotsford
 From Folk Lore and Legends Scotland

"There is, upon the top of Minchmuir, a mountain in Peeblesshire, a spring called the Cheese Well, because, anciently, those who passed that way were wont to throw into it a piece of cheese, as an offering to the Fairies, to whom it was consecrated."

Also from Abbotsford
The great, Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
In his study in Abbotsford.
 Dryburgh Abbey. Tomb of Sir Walter Scott.
Two Scottish children, dancing in Scotland.
A bit of Scottish fashion on the slopes in Colorado.
Ann Bonfoey Taylor, dressed in a black ski outfit, and wearing a Scottish Sporran (purse) around her waist, while skiing in Colorado.
Another style sporran.

Castle Street and Municipal Buildings, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Does anyone know what is hanging from the fencing in the bottom right corner of this photo, and what is propped up next to it?  It almost appears like a mattress cover hanging from the fence, and what about those pipes of sort to the right?

The man in the bottom left corner, appears to be either playing, or pushing a piano which seems to have moss growing on it. Any ideas?

Speaking of Castles

When dreaming of Scotland my thoughts wander often to castles.  Great and powerful and lovely castles, like these.

Although, when one mentions castles, very often the question of is it haunted comes to mind.

Caerlaverock Castle, Dumfries, Scotland.
(Of course I found a youtube video that says yes, Caerlaverock Castle is haunted.)
An excellent view inside the castle, they say their camera captured voices they didn't hear while touring- I'm not convinced it's haunted.

Next :

Rumors of being haunted is

Stirling Castle

As with many abandoned castles they stand as sullen witnesses to centuries of bloodshed, conflict and the talk of ghosts roaming about.
Where stories live on about Kings and Queens, Highlanders and Lowlanders, Lairds and Ladies, those famous or not so famous, and such long told rumors survive about unforgotten feuds and differences still moaning for all to hear.

Drummond Castle, and gardens, Perthshire, Scotland
Situated in Muthill parish 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) south of Crieff.
 Rumors say yes, it too is haunted. Also, it was used in the film
Rob Roy 1995.

Carrick Castle
Lochgoil, Scotland
(i.e. Loch Goil)

Not haunted, but there is a curiosity, about a small chimney, for whatever reason, built into a window recess.

Although, I'm sure somebody has a story or a thought about any castle being haunted, by legend or facts!

The Pier. Portobello, Scotland
What an interesting pier design.  I also find it slightly odd that they included in this (photo mechanical print- of photochrom color from 1890 - 1900) what appears to be clutter in the corner of the fenced area.  Apparently the photographer wanted to include everything in this historical photo.

About 1920 at Braemar and at Inverness, highland gatherings are held every year.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of Scottish History, and if you have any comments to add, please do!  Especially those folks of Scottish descent.

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darlin said...

I absolutely LOVE the photos you've posted Karen! I would be intrigued by the castles and would want to tour them given the opportunity to do so. Haunted or not, I'd give those spirits a run for their money, that or they'd have me running and screaming from the building! lol

Have a wonderful weekend!


Karen S. said...

Darlin, you are so right, me too. We did get to tour the Dover Castle in Dover, England for real, and it was just marvleous! Although, no ghosts came out! :)

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

Lovely tour of Scotland Karen. The sporran on the black ski outfit is
really dramatic. The Scots had many interesting clothing articles that would look good with almost any fashion trend right up to today.
Happy New Year!

Grace said...

Nice pictures specially the castles, though the sporran is interesting ~

Mike Brubaker said...

A terrific medley of all things Scottish. The activity in Aberdeen is definitely curious. The man on left is just pushing a hand truck with vegetables, but on the right I can only imagine a street vendor of mattresses and carpets.

tony said...

WoW! Some Cracking Images!Especially interesting to me ,the one of Portobello.I spent most childhood summers there (My aunties lived next to the Promonade)& my Mum was brought up there as a child.Interesting..I never knew they had once been a Pier there (long gone by the time I arrived..!)

Bob Scotney said...

This brought back memories for me as I worked for a lot time in Aberdeen and flew offshore from there.I've walked Castle Street many times.
My haunted castle reference book does not include any ghosts at Caerlaverock - all I can turn up are various versions of your video which are not convincing at all. Great post Karen.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I have been blessed with the online friendship of several from Scotland over the years. Although, a couple of them epitomized "cantankerous" to the max.

Karen S. said...

Tony- That is awesome that you can relate to one of my photos, and even discover something new! Very cool! What a fantastic place to grow up around!

Karen S. said...

Mike, thanks for the info. I knew someone would know more about them!

Karen S. said...

Bob- Thanks! I just knew if anyone could add to the ghost stories, it would be you!

Karen S. said...

Jerry- very cool! I too, am meeting here some Scotish friends as well!

Alan Burnett said...

You give us a wonderful tour of Scotland. Just the kind of bracing experience to get the New Year off on a high. Love it.

Wendy said...

Your pictures make me want to plan a trip!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures of castles. I remember the castles in Scotland we’ve visited during our holidays over there. Marvelous!

Karen S. said...

Alan- Thanks, it was a fascinating trip via-web for me to Scotland and oh my all those lovely old castles!

Karen S. said...

Alan- Thanks, it was a fascinating trip via-web for me to Scotland and oh my all those lovely old castles!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Before today, much of my knowledge of Scotland came from old Julie Garwood historical romance novels. I loved all of the pictures you found for us about castles, Karen, and my favorite is the one with the moat. I didn't notice any tell-tell signs of alligators, but you never know.

I imagine living in a castle would be COLD during the winter.

Thanks for all the interesting info, and Happy New Year!

Kathy M.

Tattered and Lost said...

I felt a bit like I was looking at my distant childhood when I wore the kilt my grandmother bought me in Scotland and I danced the best I could for her. Images of her country filled my head.

Kathy said...

I want to go on a tour of Scotland and it's castles, too! Thanks for the virtual trip. I especially enjoyed the photo of the children dancing.

Meri said...

Love this post -- I can almost hear the bagpipes!

Kat Mortensen said...

I think everyone needs a sporran! Beats the heck out of a fanny-pack, doesn't it?

Nice little post, Karen. The Scots would be pleased.

Teresa Wilson Rogers said...

Lovely photos, I especially like the one of the two children dancing. I do so want to go back to Scotland one day!


Castles make look grand and inspiring, but the reality is that they are stone cold and the heating bill would kill your budget.
But visiting one sure could be interesting, to say the least.