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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Centus- 2 March 2013

"Granny always said finding justice was as tough as putting socks on a rooster."
- Jessica Maria Tuccelli

No way is this my Grandmother!  Ha! Ha! Surely Jenny, from Off on my tangent blog" is being her witty and silly self as usual on these Saturday mornings, oops which has already become Saturday afternoon.  You know the scoop friends it goes like this

The prompt this week is: "My Grandma always told me..."
Number of words: 105. (including the five words of the prompt)
Style of writing: Any

Additional Pictures: Any
If we're lucky, this is what our grandmother is trying do, just to keep up with us.
and some us, are lucky to
have a grandmother that teaches.
 "My grandma always told me"
"Do everything with love!  Sing it like you live it, one day at a time!"
We all know all how special a grandmother can be.....
Some folks swear their grandmother looks like this

Or this

When everyone knows they're more like this.....
But this truly is the closest I could arrive (without really posting her genuine photo) of my most beloved Grandmother!

Thank goodness for grandmothers.

Laugh if you will- these are all real grandmothers!  Living life as it should be lived!
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Kris Osage said...

Hahahaha ! That really touched my heart and tickled my funny bone too...nicely done !!! :)

Tracy Cook said...

I am a Granma by the fact I have a grandson with a new grandchild on the way , but at 50 I am as far from a typical granny as it goes.. Well in my opinion

JJ said...

I loved my grandmothers. They certainly were not like my wife is, but they represented their era with grace and distinction. I miss both of them very much.

Viki said...

LOL, loved all the pictures. This was too cute.

Jenny Woolf said...

Ha! lovely post. I can't believe that magazine really exists... :D

Jenny Woolf said...

Lovely facebook site, which I have now followed. Abandoned villages always make me feel strange, both intrigued and sad.

Kelly Sedinger said...

The magazine cover cracked me up. Never saw that before! Nice piece.

Filip and Kristel said...

The barbie picture is the funniest.


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I missed out on having either a grandmother or a grandfather around. I envy those who were allowed and enabled to have a wonderful relationship with their grandparents.

Galen Pearl said...

Very funny! Grandmothers come in all types, don't they? Sadly, my grandmothers had both died by the time I came along, so I don't know what they would have told me. I wonder how my grandchildren will answer that question years from now!

sage said...

I certainly had different types of grandmas! I loved them both, but one died a few weeks after I graduated from high school (smoking will do that to you) and the other is still going strong and if she would just realize that she really does need her hearing aides, I wouldn't have to yell through the phone...

Judie said...

You funny, funny woman! I just adore you!!

TexWisGirl said...

love the rooster in socks. and the 'barbie grandma'. i never knew any of my grandparents, sad to say.

thanks for finding my place today! appreciate the visit and comment! :)

Sue said...

This was such fun! Loved granny poppin' a wheelie!!

Jenny said...

OMG! A Grandma Barbie! Love, love, love this post!

I actually figured out how to text a picture today from my phone!

I was all kinds of proud!

This was really great!