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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Centus - 30 March 2013

Photo and "Our fingers entwined like ribbons of light" today's prompt by Jenny at "Off on my tangent blog" for Saturday Centus.

The Moist Tip of Her Tongue

"Our fingers entwined like ribbons of light"
on the day we met.
Our hearts had long been lost
held captive away from love.

Our compassion and wonder buried
and forgotten
on the cold side of night
until you spoke of love.

If only, we had it to do over again.

So much time has gone by 
since that day of first light.
Again I find I've lost my heart.

I feel as though I've turned to stone.
Neither of us content
not by what we had or didn't have.
By what we had become.
My days entwined like memories of light
gone by.

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Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

The poem itself was great, but I am having a hard time matching it with its title.

Cloudia said...

Precious duo :-)


noexcuses said...

Love this! It went straight to my heart with the message meant for me! Kudos on job well done!

Filip and Kristel said...

Like the friendship statues. Happy easter.


lissa said...

great last line, quite romantic.

thanks for your visit. hope you have a sweet day.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

Oh I love that sculpture

Viki said...

Beautiful. Unless I misinterpreted, it made me feel very mournful as well..

darlin said...

The one that got away, or the love that slipped right through ones fingers. It's rather ironic that you would write on this, I find being back in my home town I've encountered my past love, or was it infatuation, I'm not sure... the only good thing is that neither of regrets who we have become but I know the 'what ifs' have crossed not only my mind.

Excellent writing. I hope you're enjoying your Easter; have a wonderful week Karen!

JJ said...

Well, I feel sad that so many people experience that kind of relationship. In any event, Happy Easter to you!

Titania said...

The touch of hands in love or friendship, one of the deepest emotions. Words in love or friendship deep thoughts laid bare.

Jenny said...

I read once that if you want to end a relationship you should spend some time trying to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Your writing was poignant and so true for so many of us.

I'm glad for the lightness of your illustration. It made me smile after I pondered.