Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thematic Photographic - 249 - Shiny and New

Carmi has served "Shiny and new" as our theme this week.

Shiny is as shiny shines.
what new do I have that's shiny too? 

A new bottle of wine!

It's so new to us, that we've never tasted it before.

Experimental bell out for a sunny shine!

Random glasses waiting in hopes of bearing something cold!

Speaking of bears -

Saturday at the Minnesota Zoo

Shiny should be his middle name.  His water was pretty shiny too.  My cell phone didn't pick it up as well as being there.  He was just a romping and swimming and turning over and carrying on like the whole world was watching him!

We were too.  Every blue, green and brown eyed person was linked to each and every move he made.

Yeah we all shine on, 
like the moon, 
and the stars 
and the sun.

Yeah, John Lennon!

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Alexia said...

Haha Karen - once again you cheer me up! it's cold and wintry here, so the thought of a bear swimming - brrrrr!!

I hope you enjoyed the wine :)

TexWisGirl said...

i like the shot thru the wine glass. :)

Karen S. said...

Alexia, Hello! We still haven't opened that bottle yet. We had a bonfire and cookout after the zoo and we had wine for the ladies mostly Winehaven honey-mead, and beer for the big boys. But next bonfire we'll crack it open! I sure do not envy your wintry weather at all, so I'm sending warm thoughts your way!

Karen S. said...

Tex- I liked that too! This was a tough theme for me! Maybe too much wine over the weekend! Ha! Ha!

Gilly said...

Love that first shot - very clever! And the others are good too - love the bear!

R. Mac Wheeler said...

me loved da bear.

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Wow..those are cool shots of shiny glasses!

Jenny said...

Shiny is always dreamy!

Jenny said...

Unless it's my husband bald head slick with sweat and then...ummm...not so much!


Bob Scotney said...

AS I'm not allowed wine anymore I'll just have to admire the glasses and swimming bare (sorry,bear!)

Scudds said...

Hi Karen! I am new to your blog and you've cheer me up already :)Well, I am having wine with hubs tonight.

Have a lovely weekend.

Scudds x

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Waiter...there's a fly in my glass!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Don't worry. He won't drink much.

JJ said...

That bear is Nature at its best!

Filip and Kristel said...

Nice bear, probably loves swimming.


Cloudia said...

Your mastery is thrilling to ride, er read :-)


Lisa Shafer said...

Nice work on that top photo!

Jenny Woolf said...

Love the bear!

I would have been tempted to include something shiny and old - like a beautifully polished piece of antique furniture. But then I suppose I wouldn't sticking to the theme...

each year I go to Fortnum and Masons and see their amazing shiny christmas decorations - new designs every season!