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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alphabe-Thursday - Just WAIT a minute!

Jenny, from "Off on my tangent" is celebrating the letter J in our class today.


My J assignment today, finds me in a ticklish spot.  I'm hoping love, and blood, can mend what texting has strewn apart.

Just a few J words to jazz it all up.

Just a jewel of a jangled, jumbled-up,
less than jazzy week it's been.
Joined without a doubt by
a few other folks.
This JUST couldn't
only happen to me-

Just by looking at these folks can you tell what's the matter?

Just look at this next photo and see if perhaps it sheds some insight into their confusion.

Jaws dropping, jousts brewing, and friendships jeopardized
all over jigsaw texts?

Je ne sais quoi -
translates to ( I do not know what)

Just why are most people
totally set on texting
as their main source of
It's leaving me

Juggling a busy schedule?
Jiving on instant texting?
 It's so common to exchange the lovely pitter-patter of words for faceless, soundless, emotionless jumble of letters for words
and words shortened-
resulting afterwards with
hurt feelings and misunderstandings
just standing between family and friends.

Don't let the foul odor of decay
 join between you
and your friendship
with jumbled misunderstandings-
"Say no to texting fulltime"

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Karen S. said...

Testing- Okay, this is really odd, it's not showing in my blog roll!

Pondside said...

Today two people walked in front of my car - texting. It's scary!

Cloudia said...



Leovi said...

Your J is very funny, I love jazz!

lissa said...

I don't do much texting but it has its use when you don't feel like talking. great J post.

hope you have a sweet day.

Snowcatcher said...

What a wonderful message, and so important, too. Nothing better than real life communication, face to face! Although electronic is the only way to reach some people, and that form does bring joy, too.

Jim said...

This is a fun "J" post, Karen ~~ I just barely text or FaceBook. But have to keep in contact with the grandkids.

(Thank you for peeking at the youngest GD. She doesn't text yet as she is only four but knows wha it means. She as been using her iPad since two and can find things on the Internet that I didn't know existed.)

Jenny said...

Electronics seem to be making the world a narrower place instead of enhancing it.

We try to make our Grandlittles turn of their electronics around us, but it is getting harder and harder as there are few restrictions in their home.

This post just made me sad.

Thanks for sharing it.


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Yes, it is amazing how much we all seem to be tied to our cells! And yet, I have to say, I do appreciate, when I have my cell off while at work, to find a text message, especially if attached to it, is a sweet photo of our grandbaby :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
Jumping for Joy! I am finally catching up to some of my "J" visits! Please come by if you have a chance.