Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Centus - 13 - July 2013

On the sunny side of life, as I see it...... my Saturday Centus begins.

Jenny, From "Off on my tangent" gave us this photo to write about.

Up to 110 words- any style- any photos.

On a swing by myself, I close my eyes and let my dreams take me for a ride.

One Hundred and Ten words
on the meaning of

There once was a rat residing in our neighborhood with a gigantic reputation for being rather crude.

See Mr. Rat below.

For having a reputation of a rat, he's really kind of cute.

Speaking of neighbors, you'll never believe what this daddy came up with.


Oh Mommy, do you know where your truck is?

"Excuse me, but it's not polite to stare."

Gosh darn it.  Don't you hate it when your neighbor dreams up a most clever device before you?!

Sometimes, it's amazing what you'll catch swinging at the playground.

Ever see folks that throw swinging into their dancing?

I believe the best swingers of all are featured below.

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TexWisGirl said...

cute. :)

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Not so cute when, after a 100 mile drive, daddy looks at the back seat of his car and starts thinking 'hey, where is little Jimmy'?

laura.forestdreams:) said...

all kinds of swing! but the ONE that i can't get out of my the swing on the step-up of the BIG truck! i just can't help but think of it in a negative way...know what i mean? guess there's just too much horror on the news...and not too long ago heard of a guy backing up over his toddler.
ANYWAY...not to take away from all your OTHER swings!! i LOVE the doggie swing!! haha!!

hey, happy sunday karen!

Karen S. said...

Laura, so cool to see you! I completely agree with you on the baby hanging from the truck, and surely this was just for fun, as it said, but hey I can see a few big trucker men who might just do it! But it best be a sitting truck! I just adore the dog's expression too!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

The nun teeter-totter swing is my favorite!

Kathy M.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

One of the highest goals that I set for myself during my earlier childhood years was to go past the "threshold" on a swing. The threshold that I speak of is when one goes past level. I had seen some go all the way over the top, but that was a little too ambitious for my sensibilities. Anyway, the day finally came when I achieved my goal, and that led to a complete reassessment of my priorities. Suffice to say, it was not all that I dreamed it would be, and my mom was rather miffed over the mess that I made Methinks I have said too much already.

Filip and Kristel said...

A lot of swing fantasy.


D. Jean Quarles said...

Love the mouse. Swingers! Ha!

Tracy Cook said...

what a lovely use of the prompt

Jenny said...

You have totally and completely made me laugh on a day when smiles are scarce!

This was so fun!

Loved the little kid on the big truck!