Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, October 19, 2013

For Fun- Especially for TexWisGirl and Cloudia

Why this post?  Because life is short, and there are so many fantastic people in our daily life that we must remember, and give thanks.

I interrupt your normal blogging day, for a very special "Shout out" to two of my favorite, UP-BEAT bloggers.  They keep so many of us grounded in the happy, blissful sense of blogging.  Always.

Cloudia, is a long time dear blogging friend (authored gal) from Comfort Spiral blog and through Cloudia's daily posts, I kept seeing this blogger they called Tex.  So many of my other blogger friends had her visiting as well.  So, being a fan of Texas I had to check her out. 

In recent months I've met and began following her, Cloudia's blogging friend, TexWisGirl, at The Run*A*Round Report, blog.

I dedicate this lovely caught on my cell phone while shopping fun idea for anyone's special wall.

A day brightener wouldn't you say?

If you want to stop by and say hi go here

Cloudia, from Comfort Spiral - Your Daily Hawaii Vacation go here


Tex go here*A*Round+Ranch+Report%29


Karen S. said...

Yeah the last photo is really for Cloudia, who gives us so many stunning outdoor magical views, as well!

TexWisGirl said...

LOL! the owl with attitude made me laugh! thanks for the warm shout-out, dear karen s!

darlin said...

Love the chicken! :-) Have a wonderful weekend Karen! Now back to my regularly scheduled writing... or not. I'm here now may as well make the rounds. lol


Gail said...

Well done. I, too, follow TexWisGirl.

Filip and Kristel said...

That's a real chicken. Risky.


McGuffy Ann said...

What an incredible thing to do! You are awesome. This is a shout out for you and your thoughtfulness.

Karen S. said...

Thanks Ann! They both deserve it! As do all our fellow bloggers, like you too! We have a great group of bloggers that's for sure!

Karen S. said...

Filip and Kristel, Funny thing about the chickens and roosters here, they are all really pretty friendly. There are so many children and adults that come here, they get really used to people, and those little fingers that sometimes, poke too much!