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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sepia Saturday - 23 November 2013

"Even the most piddling life is of momentous consequence to its owner."  - James Wolcott


In recognition of  John F. Kennedy's assassination fifty years ago, we've been given the theme of posting about momentous moments in life.

Again this week, I'm linking moments from my own family history, with a few of those better known momentous moments around the world.

From my life.

For me, dressing up for Halloween, and experiencing all of the visual displays greeting me while going door to door, was always the best adventure a little girl could ever experience.  Of course candy was an added bonus.

The somewhat gloomy look on my face, wasn't for Halloween but as I remember spending so much time adjusting and readjusting for my mother to snap that perfect photo.   

All of my youngest memories seem to be attached to certain events in my life.  I will always remember that fateful day when President Kennedy was shot.  I was about this age on that horrid afternoon.


It was a chilly, dark and rainy afternoon in Mason, Michigan and I had just arrived home from school, very excited to play with my dog, Mickey as he always faithfully waited at the door to greet me.  Shortly after we arrived my mother turned on the television to the mayhem on every channel.

My mother was not a fan of President Kennedy, but I still remember she silently wept.

It was indeed a very sad day, and all across the world many wept at the news of such a horrific event which unfolded in Dallas, Texas.  Walter Cronkite's voice from CBS was a daily staple in our lives, but during this time it seemed he was a constant voice.  Hashing and rehashing that day.  This describes what Cronkite announced after the shooting in Dallas.

A glimpse of a happier moment a short while before the tragic event occurred.


Here is a picture of my sister, Oriana, sitting next to our Christmas tree, while my Daddy and I are proudly showing off our latest building creations, (complete with windmill and aircraft) and please notice my beloved dog, Mickey faithfully next to my feet.


An officer wakes up to what he expects (hopes) to be a normal day on the job until he receives the call about something in the air that eventually an aircraft lands on this house in September 5th of 1937 in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

In our little lives,
very often just a day spent at the beach is highly momentous for our family.

My cousins, Gesine and her brother Jorg, romping about a most inviting Denmark beach.

For a Danish momentous moment

Also, from Denmark, Danish Women granted the right to vote on June 5, 1915.

After nearly thirty years of campaigning, Danish women finally get the right to vote!

Yes, I believe there was dancing in the streets!


"THIS LONG LANKY COWBOY, with soul full of laughter, rode out to the world a singin' his tune."

My Cowboy Grandpa, while branding!  For his story that I wrote in a post about him for Sepia Saturday in March of 2011 here.

The End to the Civil War in America

Conclusion to the end of the American Civil War here.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Saturday, already!?!

I'll be really old soon at this rate!

Nice collection, Karen. When I was a kid, going to the beach was about as momentous as life could get.

TexWisGirl said...

love your family memories. :)

Deb Gould said...

In your Halloween shot, is there something coming out of your head, or is it on the wall?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and photos of history and your memories ~ thanks for 'visiting and commenting' ~ carol, xxx

Jackie van Bergen said...

A plane falling on your house - now that is momentous!

Karen S. said...

Deb it is a plant in a vase hanging in the wall! It never really stood out until now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your contribution of a "happier moment" photo. I would prefer to dwell on that image, which is one of the nicest ones I've seen of the couple.

Mike Brubaker said...

Momentous events are indeed a matter of perspective. For every great tragedy there are always a thousand wonders of joy.

Cloudia said...

Great post. Of course, the civil war is not really over yet....


Leovi said...

Nice pictures, I love the portrait!

Jo Featherston said...

A lovely happy photo of the Kennedys, and I like your momentous moments too.

Postcardy said...

Obviously your mother was focused on you in the Halloween photo. She probably didn't even notice the thing on the wall, or the large plant, or the lamps.

Bob Scotney said...

May you have many more happy, momentous moments.

Gail Perlee said...

Someone being shot, a plane falling on a house - no one knows what any given moment in their lives will bring - good, bad, or otherwise. We just have to have faith that life will go on as it will & we will be a part of it one way or another. Not always an easy philosophy to accept, but the only one we have.

Pat Ball Morrison said...

Is that tinsel I spot on that Christmas tree? Hadn't thought about that for some time. Your post offers so many different good photos with personal comments that could expand to be an entire post.

Wendy said...

You're so clever! I like how you created this chain of moments.