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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Can I Make You Laugh

What makes you laugh?
(think about it and please share)

This not a test, it's a quiz.

How does this photo below make you feel?

You may think he's sad, but in reality, he's just hanging out, according to the artist that designed him.

Photo from October 2012
The sculpture Companion (passing through) by the artist KAWS (Brian Donnelly) at the Modern Art Museum Fort Worth, Texas photo by Carol Highsmith

For me, someone falling down and getting hurt, emotionally or physically, isn't funny.  How can pain, or humiliation ever be funny?  What makes me laugh or at least smile, is something like the photo below.

Pre Quiz Question- "What has to be broken before it can be used?" (answer at the  bottom)

How about this very creative, artful piece?

 Imagine that you just happened upon this.  Did it make you smile?  I know you'd be worried if you've had a couple too many at the local pub, and you're stumbling around not sure if you're seeing double or just having trouble finding the road.

This little guy is a riot!
Somebody has a good sense of humor.  Could you pour me a cup too please?

From a human perspective this is funny.

How about that quiz I promised?  Thought I forgot?  

As promised this is not a test.  It's a quiz, in fact there are two.  Take your pick, or try them both.  You can post your results on Facebook, if you dare.

So, do you want excitingly, defining and exhilarating fun?  Or, some scholarly-learn-about-me fun?

Either way, both are very short.

Are you students ready?

Quiz# 1
For a scholarly-learn-about-me fun quiz try this, "Discovering Yourself Quiz" just for you.

Click here to take the "Discovering Yourself Quiz" don't be shy, you might enjoy it.

Okay how about some excitingly, defining and exhilarating fun, try this quiz "Can I Make You Laugh?"

Quiz # 2 (rather clever too)
This next quiz is worthy of a go.
By trying this quiz, Can I Trick You?

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you've enjoyed my unharmful, humorous kind of post today.  

This has been an Alphabe-Thursday assignment for the letter
"Q" as in Quiz.


Karen S. said...

The answer is egg!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I love the tin animal! I have one like him in my house and he always makes me smile...

carol l mckenna said...

What a fun post for Q! Great shots and love the animal too!

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

EG CameraGirl said...

The sculpture of the"person" pouring a drink into a mug makes me smile.

I'm not fond of forced humour that's too predictable. Usually what makes me laugh is something funny that takes me by surprise.

Gail said...

Egg...I didn't know that. A new one to add to my list.

I got all the answers right on the first quiz...Discovering yourself. The second I missed one, I think it was the last one. What's black and white and read all over is a newspaper and that threw me.

I like the sick ones...What's red and green and goes round and round? A frog in a blender. Sick, right?
I also like Mary Jane jokes.

The first statue I did not like at all. I thought it was sad but I guess not. The clown I loved. The cars I missed on vacation and love the welded art.

Great post. I had fun!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Don't mock Moosifer!

Leovi said...

Very interesting, it's like a reflection of the tragic life comic! Beautiful photos!

Cloudia said...

Visiting you is like good fun at the carnival!

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3

Mascha said...

Funny photos, but the text I do not understand, my English is not enough.
Greetings from Germany :-)

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

What makes me laugh most, I think, is the ridiculous. I also enjoy word-play. Slapstick can be funny, when you know it's not real. The figures are OK, and the cars impressive, but I can't see anything funny about them I'm afraid. Will need to come back to your quiz later!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

It's enough something lightens my heart...I don't have to analyze it. I think that would take the phun out of it


fredamans said...

That first one, the artist should hang out more often and will see how a person may get that interpretation way wrong.
Like the Cadillac art though. Famous art on Route 66!

Chandra said...

I would like to call the first one, living in the moment.

Love all the photos.

Have a Beautiful Day!

Peace :)

Jim said...

I like Quizzes, Karen. When I put them on my blog I generally post the answer in an open area just below the question. After the reader answers or gives up, he/she can swipe the blank area and the answer shows up.

Debbie said...

Fun photos!! My husband makes me laugh, so do my kids and I love to watch comedies, I laugh like a fool!!

I love to play games and often laugh while playing them with family and friends!!

Judie said...

When I discover something clever and surprising, that makes me laugh. I took those quizzes--what fun!!

JJ said...

In the first photo, the alien landed on Earth. What else could he do?

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Watching a baby laugh drives me into helpless laughter. With one of my granddaughters I happened to put a paper tissue over my nose and mouth and suddenly exhaled forcibly, pushing the tissue up into the air. She laughed so hard, even in anticipation when I just started to put it up to my face! Aside from eggs you must break the seal on a medicine or food package or the ribbon on a gift before using. Thanks!

Roan said...

Happy babies and Fergus, our dog, when he wants to play make me happy. There are other things, but those are the top two. Loved the quizzies! Like all the art, but especially Cadillac Ranch!


Your Quiz for the letter 'q' was great.

What makes me laugh is my kitties and their antics when in a playful mood. Good jokes...not the kind that make you think...but the kind that make me laugh heartily.

AND...the udder difference with milk/cream in coffee [the yard art you shared] made me HOOT.