Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Mag Boldly Best

The simple, most uncomplicated thing you'll ever do,
 is be yourself.

"Follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness." -  Allen Ginsberg

Photo by Elene Usdin
offered by
Tess Kincaid
for Magpie Tales

I've been pretty lucky to view our magpie photo each week and write, but usually before I put my words to a photo my curiosity takes over.

Tess often offers photos that are too insistent to ignore, bringing unfamiliar artists with thought provoking as well as soul-satisfying work.  I like exploring the "who" and "what" of her theme photo.  If you've checked out the two photo links you'll see how I arrived at my magpie this week via Elene Usdin's  quixotic yet highly visionary work.

Early Morning She Awakes

She finds it unsettling to chase acceptable-norm.

Darkness, becomes her utopia-winged norm.

The more dark, inky layers of pitch-black the better.
Good apples are always good apples.
Rare birds breed bizarreness.
Musty old patterns and behaviors, spill bleakness.

The weirder she becomes
the saner she feels.

Irresponsibly sensible, pushing comical to extremes.

Hepburn and Taylor molds 
are of old-
Today it's Swift in our heads, and Usdin, Bender and Gaga
or so I've been told.
For each murmur of surrender, every pulsating encounter, dancing bodies
trembling with delight, so eagerly hungry for all that's bold-
slowly sifting ordinary moments for unusual reflections.

And so we applaud newly refreshed thoughts within our day-
Tell me what did the cake have to say?

"I will never die, thought the cake to itself, in even simpler terms, as cakes did not have sophisticated use of language." 
-  Aimee Bender


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Kilroy, uh, scratches his head.

Cloudia said...

Applauding your delightful weirdness!

ALOHA from Honolulu

Karen S. said...

Cloudia, Thank you, I resemble that remark, by such a striking lead!

Debbie said...

I was thinking, what to say, what to say!!! then I read what cloudia said and I thought, "ditto"!!!

Leovi Leovi said...

Very interesting fotosl !! really wonderful!

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

I'm a bit out of touch here, but the 'who' and 'what' photos were intriguing - though I'm afraid they did nothing for me except make me wonder how one gets the time... I think you've made Barbie a prisoner of bright lights, mere baubles; but she's obviously doing something outside her box. Nothing wrong with being delightfully weird - oh no - as long as it's delightful!

kaykuala said...

Being weird is being innovative and very much so here! Great lines Karen!