Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quirky- The Mag

"Never make eye contact with a stranger when you're having a churro." 
Rucy Ban

"Or, if you're squatting on the floor while hiding behind a mirror!" - Me



As cats curl
so do I
round and sleek
purring long into the night.
I 'm equally ready 
as I am
in my spoiled-rotten
sort of way.

Always daring a fight
within your dog-friendly
easy to please kind of world,
until my naughty way
sent you long into the night.

Come back my dear
forgive my past
tortoiseshell existence
and let me shift clear 
of this vast grieving 
heartbreaking nonsense. 
Scruff your mean distance.
Come back my dear.

I speak to mend
our broken past
don't you want my heart?
Leave your dark brooding landscape
before I shrink and fade into nothing.
We lived our world aslant
curled by love.
Hear me purr
you crazy cute love
of mine.
Don't you want my heart?

"Gee whiz, can't a guy just go out for coffee?"


TexWisGirl said...

i liked your take on this!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

The constant purring lends this a seductive tone. Nicely done.

Elena Sands said...

Seductive is right, as well as beautiful language. Nice write. :-)

RedPat said...

Love that mirror shot!

Berowne said...

Rather moving and quite intriguing at the same time. Well done.

Gail said...

A great one! A wonderfully unique approach...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh fun!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh fun!

Other Mary said...

Purrrrfectly delightful write, Karen. :o)

DeniseinVA said...

This is great Karen :)

humbird said...

Like mentioning cat in this poem...purrr x

Debbie said...

This is very intriguing to me!!

Cloudia said...

more aspects of YOU come to light, tee hee!

ALOHA from Honolulu,

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

No, I would not want to make eye contact with anyone while trying to hide behind a mirror, neither.

Jeanie said...

You know the cat well -- feline and otherwise!

sage said...

Nice poem, playful words! I first thought she was holding a clock :)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Enjoyed so much Karen :)

Maria said...

I like all the the kitty language. Certainly fits with the aloofness of the image.

Helena said...

Perfect title, Karen! Quirky and catty....! I'd love to fit that bill! lol

Michael said...

lovely poem. just lovely

Tess Kincaid said...

Meow! Delightful...