Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuesday Afternoons and Words for Wednesday

Tuesday afternoons arrive in a numerous amount of situations.
(I've included 8 of them below)

  Sometimes, a person doesn't get to post about their Tuesday afternoon until late Wednesday night.  Speaking of Wednesday, the Italic words are for Words for Wednesdays.

"Trace your fingers
along the lull
of the afternoons."
Sanober Khan

On this Tuesday afternoon shadows sharpen a photographer's view on an antiseptic scorcher of a hot July day!

After reading the old sagas of yesteryear, I gamble to say I have a good feeling about catching the not so hideous bugs on this glorious day.

This particular Tuesday afternoon Sparkle ignores her sandbox for the opulent  comfort of something warm as, Cat on a Hot-Tin-Crock-Pot!

If you find yourself  speaking up to quell any panic among the network of vintage car owners, never fear the Masked Superheroes are at the ready.

Did you notice the inset (or rather reflection) of the vintage car in the window?
I adore that color!

Could Misty be looking for a jug of water on this hot Tuesday afternoon?

One of my secret pleasures is to visit Sebastian Joe's in Linden Hills on a Tuesday afternoon and browse my favorite Happenings Column in the local paper without interruption! 

While the grand-delights are off at swimming lessons-

or playing at the park with their sweet auntie!


River said...

This is nice, I like the way you've incorporated the words. I like your super heroes too. I'm a bit worried about the cat getting cooked, the crock pot wasn't turned on was it?

Elephant's Child said...

Now this is clever. And fun.
Sparkle is a character.

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

You never know when you need a masked superhero. As for days creeping up, I don't know where the year is going; it'll be 2015 before we know it. Great post!

jandi said...

great post! and I do love the kitty on the crock pot!

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, I enjoyed this post from the hideous bug, kitty in a crock pot and the super heroes are just adorable. Misty looks like a dip in a pool would feel good. And Auntie is a sweetie, great shots. Enjoy your day!

Karen S. said...

She sure is! A little on the mischievous side lately!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

cat for dinner


Sharon Wagner said...

Cats are always cracking us up!

TexWisGirl said...

cute boys, pretty pup, and laughed out loud at the cat!

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

I hope the kitty didn't misinterpret the purpose of that pot! It probably figured it out when there was no sand in there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my granddaughter's blog!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

looks like a wonderful, fun Tuesday afternoon. Thank you for joining Tuesday afternoon last week!

Susan F. said...

I really like how you incorporated all the words, but it is the phrase "cat on a hot tin crock pot" that I love best! Well done! Visiting from Drifting Through Life - I also use the Words for Wednesday on my blog. :)