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Friday, March 25, 2016

Mysteriously Classic

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"The true mystery of the world is the visible
not the invisible." -
Oscar Wilde

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No matter where you travel
there is always more mystery to unravel.

A must to see, please click the link above.

"It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit." -
Antoine Rivarol

How about a mystery right in Minnesota?

Located up on a hill sits

The Robert M. Foster House- Preston, Minnesota.

It's a bit closer to home for me to visit the

Mystery House - located in Minnesota

Inside the mystery house- oops

One more mystery to discover if you will

I ask, what could be more classic than a vintage Volkswagen Beetle smack in the middle of a great mystery?

Where- The Mystery Hole
near Ansted West Virginia

"It's the unknown that draws people." 
E.A. Bucchianeri
(Brushstrokes of a Gadfly)

So what mysteries will you uncover?


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

That's a cool taxi

Small City Scenes said...

Mystery houses---how odd but like=able. MB

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I love that first house and photo with the palm trees. The taxi is cool. I love a good mystery!

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend! Happy Easter to you and your family.

Jo Featherston said...

My goodness, I can't help thinking the widow Winchester had a lot more money than sense!

Elephant's Child said...

That poor sad woman.
And yay for mystery.

Cloudia said...

With a friend like you there is no telling what wonders we might be shown!

Debbie said...

I like the quotes you shared....the cool images and the taxi too!!

Alex Daw said...

That story about the first house is really interesting. Have you been there?

Alan Burnett said...

A great mystery indeed.

Titania Staeheli said...

Wonderful post; even the word itself is exciting. I made a mystery garden for the grand children when they were small,They would find unusual things and loved it.My oldest grand son who works now as an Orthopedic surgeon at the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, still loves visiting and always takes some time to walk the gardens. I love a good Mystery Novel!

La Nightingail said...

When our daughter was in the hospital in San Jose (CA) recovering from a serious accident, we must have driven past Winchester House countless times, but never took the time to go see it. I wish we had, but - oh well. Maybe someday we'll get back down there, albeit under more favorable circumstances! :)

Anonymous said...

I love unusual places and the tories of them. You always offer interesting posts. I really wish I got your updates daily. Bloglovin is unreliable. If you ever offer subscribe by email, please let me know. I have good luck with it.

Little Nell said...

I wonder if the mystery house is also haunted, or is that just my imagination working overtime?

Tattered and Lost said...

A Beetle in a quonset hut! Best ever!

Wendy said...

The idea of a mystery house gives me goosebumps, but the VW in the Quonset hut just makes me laugh.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Who says a door has to lead somewhere :-). I'm not sure I would like to sleep in that house, I don't believe in ghosts, but still I guess I would feel haunted at night. Cool organ though.