Wayzata, Minnesota

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pick A Daisy

Good morning all!

This day has me thinking about my dear father and remembering how we always celebrated his special day.  So I'm sending birthday wishes and hugs up to heaven.

This photo was taken a few years before my father was born, but it pretty much describes the way things were in his world way back when.  (My grandmother was quite the gardener) 
His childhood was spent mostly outdoors, taking in clean fresh air, playing and raising animals of all kinds, and of course lots and lots of flowers, and vegetables too. His older sister was born to ride, and showed him many things!

Then, once my daddy turned 12 his father moved away to Arizona and during the summer months and his college years my Daddy really learned what life of a cowboy was all about.

Welcome to another

"You have to decide if you're going to wilt like a daisy 
or if you're just going to go forward 
and live the life that you've been granted."
Kevin Costner

Go forward always.

"Always have something beautiful in sight,
even if it's just a daisy in a jelly glass."
H. Jackson Brown Jr.

I don't really know why
but daisies always make me smile.

Enjoy your day, and pick a daisy 
but don't keep it
give it away today!


TexWisGirl said...

so beautiful! and what a sweet photo of your aunt!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, the photo of your Aunt is beautiful. I love the daisies and the horses. Daisies make me happy too.

Great post and quotes. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

Debbie said...

oooh i do love daisies!!! those walls are amazing, built by hand with a lot of determination. the daisies are so pretty caressing them!!!!

Gail said...

Daises were in my bridal bouquet.

Your father sounds like a wonderfully good man.

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

oh...I think they're better left for the bees. :(

Christine said...

Sweet reminiscence of your dear dad! I love that old B& W photo with the horses!

Jeanie said...

That vintage photo is unbelievably amazing. You are so lucky to have it!

LV said...

Since I am a senior, the vintage news and photos are of great interest.
You shared some very god quotes as well.

RedPat said...

Beautiful daisies!

shortybear said...

precious memories of your dear dad

Cloudia said...

I know his wonderful heart lives on in the sweet healing warmth you share with all of us, Karen. Love You

Lois said...

Beautiful post Karen. I miss my father too.

Ida said...

Great Vintage photo. Loved those white daisies spilling over the stone wall.