Wayzata, Minnesota

Friday, July 1, 2016

Rocking Inside Good Fences

"Thought for the day: we have far too many of them. And we prize them too highly; more so then we do for the power of silence, mindfulness and pure kindness." Rasheed Ogunlaru

"If you listen quietly enough life will whisper its secrets to you."
Rasheed Ogunlaru

In the next photo
You have to look real close, but there is a fence right behind me!

Artsy subject discovers fence!

So of course while I was in Alabama Lyra and I had to revisit all the fun playgrounds and we saw many of her school classmates hanging out there too!

"So what is it that makes life good?"

The answer is lots of things!

and especially a Very Cherry snow cone
following a hot day at the park!

Having fun
enjoying the love of family and friends
doing things that you love to do
becoming all that YOU can BE
helping others
enjoying each moment.

Thanks for stopping by to rock and roll with me today!
Take good care of you.


    Naquillity said...

    love that Humpty Dumpty statue. it makes me smile just looking at the photo. also love the image of the character walking across the road. also makes me happy. and who doesn't love a really cherry snow? have a great day/ weekend...

    Naquillity said...

    *snow cone...

    Mike@Bit About Britain said...

    Can't beat a good bit of rock 'n' roll! Love your shots, thoughts - and Humpty Dumpty. Sorry I haven't visited for awhile - note to self: "Must do better"... :-)

    TexWisGirl said...

    you always find so much whimsy in your life. :) nice photo of you, ms. fence finder!

    Jedidja said...

    I love your photo, but also the other ones. The last is really great.

    Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

    I'm not having fun right now. Cycling this AM...went over my handlebars. Badly bruised ribs. Hurts to breathe. A hiccup sends me over the edge. I'm going to die. 3 oxys are doing nothing for the pain, neither is the ice.

    Elephant's Child said...

    Loving your quirky fun.

    sage said...

    Humpty Dumpty appears to have a rather cocky smile... He must think he's pretty secure up on that wall.

    Ida said...

    Those were great. Loved Humpty Dumpty and the little fellow walking towards the white picket fence. What a fun time you had.

    ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

    Look OUT, Humpty!!!

    eileeninmd said...

    Hello, wonderful images. Looks like a lot of fun. Happy Saturday, enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

    Gail said...

    Some cool pieces. I wish I had learned to weld.

    Favorite picture...the last one, of course!