Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sun-Drenched Elsewhere

Good morning everyone!

"Now more than ever do I realize
that I will never be content
with a sedentary life
that I will always be haunted by thoughts
of a sun-drenched elsewhere."
Isabelle Eberhardt

I have a dear old friend that I've joined before 
on the Empire Builder
ride the Amtrak rails of adventure again!
Please, please.

"Maybe we are all cabinets of wonders."
Brain Selznick

But a trip for me this year upon the rails was not to be,
but that doesn't mean I can't receive these lovely photos-
teasing and urging me on!

So many train stations so little time! 

Buy a ticket! 

"If you've ever wondered where your dreams come from
when you go to sleep at night, just look around you,
this is where they are made."
Brian Selznick

A good way to be upon the open road-
and everyday between.

"She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess
a drop of free water.
She knows nothing of borders and
cares nothing for rules or customs. Time for her
isn't something to fight against.
Her life flows clean,
with passion, like fresh water."
Roman Payne

So yes, ticket purchase, but not by train.
At the end of the month I'll be flying back to
sunny, beautiful Alabama instead!


RedPat said...

I love a train ride!

TexWisGirl said...

well, alabama flight sounds good, too.

Cloudia said...

You're Alabamy Bound, dear!

Elephant's Child said...

There is a real romance to trains isn't there?
And how ironic that Isabelle Eberhardt who dreamt of sun-drenched countries died in a flash flood in just such a country...

eileeninmd said...

Hello, the train ride sounds like fun. Love the photos. But, I think you will love the Alabama trip. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Martin Hodges said...

A friend has just completed a mini road trip in California. He loved it. I'm no traveller, but I love hearing about the adventures of others.