Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


is our theme

My son's first fire he braved,
 was a mighty powerful swirl of orange.


Photos of carrots would fit but
 that's too crunchy
and of course you'd expect an orange or two.
Not today.

Ah yes, from our Linden Hills stroll 
orange prevails.

Perhaps an orange egg for our Easter Hunt.

"There is no blue without yellow and orange."

If you want to view inspiration first hand watch this video.
A journey of discovery, captures our orange theme beyond words.

Ergo, now that I've dismantled our theme orange,
 how did you feel?
Never angry, not one groan by dismantling.
 We earn photos that never nag
 and are like an orange glow in the sky.

From home sweet home, o range of mine, a wintry trail or, 

how about sending smiles from  

the o-safari-range 
from this land we love so much!

Did I hear, take me to a sandy white beach?

Greetings from lovely Orange Beach
in Alabama.

Lastly, but always first on an orange list,

pumpkins! Real or otherwise.

My conclusion to our theme this week,
seriously Carmi, the theme orange truly belongs
 to pumpkins, and Halloween and everything spooky.

and all things silly

and long remembered.

Thanks for stopping by
enjoy your week
and take good care of you.


Mike@Bit About Britain said...

Loved your shots. You could always add the House of Orange and, if you really had to, Orangemen - but they're really not much fun!

RedPat said...

Really better for Halloween!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Orange you cute.

Elephant's Child said...

Big smiles.
And congrats to your boy. A very scary (but necessary) job.

Anonymous said...

I smiled through this entire post. Thank you. I loved it in its colourful truth. Thank you, my friend. Hugs.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

He does look tremendously brave!

Alexia said...

My first orange thought was of Van Gogh's paintings, so thank you for the link, Karen. And as always thank you for a post full of joy and colour. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Debbie said...

you always share great images - i think i remember that your son was a brave fire fighter!! i enjoyed the picture of the beach - it surely captured the essence of the sea shore!!

sage said...

That first big fire is an adrenaline pumping experience. I pray for your son's safety and hope he is enjoying the experience.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, great orange finds. Your son is brave, fire just scares me silly. Have a happy day!

Gilly said...

Wonderful oranges! You have a very brave son! And you live in a fantastic place!

photodoug said...

Karen, marvelous colors. Thanks for sharing.

Muse & Views Bookclub said...

I agree, your son is brave! Love the variety of orange! You are very creative!

Cloudia said...

Always such a healing fun pleasure to be with you and yours, Karen!

Lois said...

Wonderful post! Your son is definitely braver than most.

Bob Scotney said...

Orange Beach looks so inviting. Your son first fire reminded me immediately of my offshore fire training.
Lovely post, Karen

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Loved the video link, I didn't realise Van Gogh died so young! Your son is a brave young man. Always a pleasure to see the fun and fascinating things you have for us here Karen ☺