Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Build Instead of Talk

A reminder that our hands are always at the ready.

Paint what you love.

A reminder that what looks like play,
probably is. 
It is a happy talent to know how to play.Ralph Waldo Emerson
I spotted this van months ago as I exited the freeway.

Finally I caught it at the grocery store.

Play Art

Art by Mason

"It's not what you look at that matters,
it's what you see."
Henry David Thoreau ode to the importance of daily walks
along similar avenues where we grew up

is something so simple and yet so renewing.

Why are some of us forever fascinated by buildings?

"Architecture is how the person places herself in the space.
Fashion is about how you place the object on the person."
Zaha Hadid

"Real silence is silence without words,
silence that speak words in silence
and silence that talks better than words."
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Too many shops are falling into ruin.

"It's the little details that are vital.
Little things make big things happen."
John Wooden

Open your box of blessings 
and take out something to smile about.
Next take something out and give it away.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. 

Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.
Ruth Reichl

"When you do more than you learn 
you leave a distinctive notable footprint on earth."
E. A. Yeboah

If you stumble across a gem, be sure to capture it,
 before it too disappears, as they often do.

The ode to everyday life
begins and ends with people.
and kindness, tenderness, 
laughter and generosity shared
 sings sweetly.

The mind I love must have wild places,
a tangled orchard where dark damsons drop in
the heavy grass,
an overgrown little wood
a pool that nobody's fathomed 
the depth of
and paths threaded 
with flowers planted by the mind.
Katherine Mansfield

Thanks for stopping by,
 dream a little dream and be happy in all that you do.


Elephant's Child said...

How I love playing (and walking) with you.

Debbie said...

It's all art!! We all have a gift, a talent...I hope we all continue to share our gifts with each other!!

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

This post is not only 'dazzling' to the eye...sweet, whimsical, adorable and structured with all kinds of art...but, the quotations are outstanding.

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, I always enjoy your images, inspiring words and quotes. I love the quote "open your box of blessings". The Van Go van is cool. Thanks for sharing! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I've always said, if you have to drive a minivan, it should at least have a flashy paint job -Kilroy

Cloudia said...

Oh thank you gorgeous!

RedPat said...

Love that van!

JJ said...

It's great to read your positive blog again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love everything about this! This spoke to me. Thank you. I needed this. HUGS.

Cranberry Morning said...

Important to capture those gems before they disappear, as you said. The past two days I was in the SW part of Wisconsin, a favorite part of our state, and I noticed that a few of the buildings I've photographed in the past (even a year ago!) are no longer there. I'm so glad I have them in my photo files. Have a good weekend, Karen!

humbird said...

Ah, what the positive messages you've collected in this post, Karen! Amazing! Like the places where your camera and you were traveling! Building - urban people like them. Play the best thing making our life a fun! Not being too serious, for sure! Much Love and dreams over the hills!
Thank you for keeping your eye on my posts! Hugs!

Sandi said...

Loved this, all of it.

"Dream a little a dream..."

Big smile. That is one of my favorite songs!