Wayzata, Minnesota

Monday, May 1, 2017

Marshmallow Icebergs in

Welcome to

"What? We have to stay home tonight?"

Sorry pups, next time, maybe.

Friday night's weather could be described as,
Marshmallow icebergs in steaming cocoa!
Must stay warm.
Hoodies and blankets!

The cold didn't stop
our birthday boy, Danny 
he ran his sweet heart
and feet 
(for heat to compete)
like always!

That made dinner late.....

But so worth it.

Happy 9th birthday Danny!

Little brother had to try the happy face too!

Meanwhile, back at their home front

Life was oh so good with these two buds.

"We know what we are but, 
 not what we may be."
William Shakespeare

Every now and then it feels good to be king!

Even if you're just a stuffed critter!

Thinking of nothing in particular, except those critters around me

Building fire pits and patios.

Hanging out at the bus stop.

"Write this down:
 My life is full of unlimited possibilities.
and everyone with a free will!

they share chairs at Wild Rumpus Book Store with us.

We paint our critters.

Have no fear your dear bear is here.

You're a big lovable Teddy Bear.
Michael Grant

No, no, no, so not getting the point of fear.
Because fear wasn't about what made sense.
Fear was about possibilities.
Not things that happened.
Things that might.
Michael Grant

We wear them.

"Never underestimate the determination of a kid
 who is time rich and cash poor."
Cory Doctorow

We build critter puzzles.

"We're all pieces of the big puzzle.
Just be the piece you are 
so you're doing your part.
to complete the picture."

Spend your days wishing and pursuing 
and keep your passion alive.
Take good care of YOU!


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...


Jenny Woolf said...

Happy 9th birthday, Danny! Love the picture of everyone having a really great time!

Cloudia said...

What a pleasure!

Elephant's Child said...

Happy Birthday Danny.
And thank you for the smiles.

sage said...

A book store with a live chicken inside? All the other animals and kids are cute... I don't think I'd handle well a chicken living inside.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

What a super series Karen, happy belated birthday Danny 🎈 loved the indignant doggy expressions in the first shot, so cute 😀

Debbie said...

such fun images. i would like to get and raise chickens here but outdoors. i would love to have fresh eggs every morning!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was awesome! I loved that! You really take great pictures. And you know how to have fun, too! Hugs.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Karen, happy belated birthday to Danny. I love all the sweet furbabies. Adorable photos of the critters and kiddies. I am sorry to be so late visiting your post and commenting. I appreciate you linking up your post. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your day and new week ahead!