Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Palace of Wisdom

Welcome to my Wednesday Wonders.
Wednesday wonderment where anything is possible.
Where we'll step out of the everyday norm
 just to see what else there is.

Where in the world is this?
Are we still in America?

built by architect,
Terry Brown.

Inside the Hyde Park Neighborhood 
The Mushroom House

"The man who never alters his opinion
is like standing water
and breeds reptiles of the mind."
William Blake

Terry Brown thank you for altering 
architecture in such an artsy, delightful sight.

There are not seven wonders 
in the world in the eyes of a child.
 There are seven million.
Walt Streightiff

"There are few things so pleasant as a picnic
eaten in perfect comfort!
W. Somerset Maugham

Enjoy your day
thanks for stopping by.


Sandi said...

What a cool, weird, bizarre THING!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I LOVE it! Like something out of a novel.

Cranberry Morning said...

There are still seven million to me too. And what a whimsical place! There's out of the ordinary stuff like this all across the country. The USA is an amazing place. :-) Thanks for showing us this one.

Anonymous said...

I love the creativity in this post! I needed this, too. Hugs!

Debbie said...

so much whimsy, so much fun. this is something i would love to see!!!

Elephant's Child said...

Only seven million wonders? Poor deprived children.
I would love to see this - thank you.

Cloudia said...

Thank you dear

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Enjoy your day, too. -Kilroy

Unknown said...

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

Incroyable! I like the way Mr. Brown thinks Karen, very much!