Wayzata, Minnesota

Friday, September 8, 2017

2017 Minnesota State Fair

It's always sad once the state fair opens in Minnesota 
because it pretty much closes the door to summer.

Welcome 2017 Minnesota State Fair

The Scarecrow edition

If you want to know what's happening in the hearts and minds of a place
then go to the fair and view their scarecrows.
They are always reflective of the current events.
So what are my fellow Minnesotans thinking?

Note: No pails (or kitchen gadgets) have been harmed in any of these scarecrow creations.

"As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters."

"You can't fix yourself by breaking someone else."

"When nothing goes right, go left!"

"Sometimes me think, What is a friend? and then me say,
Friend is someone to share the last cookie with."
Cookie Monster

Don't forget to feed the birds in the winter too!

Are you keeping track of the number of pails?

I CD your eyes!

"A recipe has no soul
as the Cook
must bring
Soul to the recipe."

Have bike will travel.

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

We cannot change the cards we are dealt.
Just how we play the hand.
That is all.

"For I consider brains far more superior than money
in every way.
You may have noticed if one has money without brains
he cannot use it to his advantage
but if one has brains without money,
they will enable him to live comfortably to the end of his days."
L. Frank Baum

We are free to turn it on or tune it out!
It's all up to us.
Learn, listen, hear, read and learn some more.
We would be so in the dark without our medias!
Use with caution but use.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox
the smaller version.
See yourself.

Look closely into my mirror!

As a matter of fact I do cook, sew, I hold the record in threading a needle and cook some more.

If you haven't tried it
why not? It's delicious.

Kitchen gadgets are my life!

Don't forget to step outside away from the scarecrows.
 You'll find a path to the looking glass,
and enjoy a cup of tea with the Mad Hatter.

Last but not least of my scarecrow selection is the

Cutest couple at the fair this year is,


I think Minnesotans have it put together pretty well in this day of age.
What do you think?

I hope you remember these charming little faces all day long!
Thanks for stopping by
Take good care of you.


Revrunner said...

OMG! Please! Say it ain't so. KAC? Run away!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! I read through it twice in a row! Love it! Thanks, Karen. ❤

RedPat said...

The Cookie Monster knows!

Debbie said...

WoW-zers!! these are just amazing!!! i had several favorites - some people are just so clever!!

i can see you really enjoying this!!!

Elephant's Child said...

Love the quirky fun (and meaning) that you shared. Thank you.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I loved all the scarecrows. It looks like some people are very creative, I could pick a favorite. I loved them all. Fun photos, happy weekend!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Haha! What a fine selection of scarecrows Karen, I counted six buckets that I could see 😀 love the twist of Putin's face on the 'make America great again' scarecrow, very clever!

kaykuala said...

Beautiful pics even though it heralded sadly a close! Would be fun being there Karen!


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Scads of fun photos. Kudos

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

My favorite? Queen of Hearts - hands down.

And the one with the spools of thread for hair comes in 2nd.

Great stuff, and such ingenuity!

Debbie said...

i was scrolling thru this again and thinking how nice that it is this time of year. ours is always mid summer and it's just so hot. maybe it is a little color this time of year!!

humbird said...

O, funny, funny pictures and creatures. Don't be sad, hopefully, September and October will be still warm. Enjoy!

PutinScarecrowBuilder said...

I'm happy you enjoyed the Putin/Trump scarecrow and got the joke. A lot of people saw the red cap, assumed it was Trump, (sometimes) laughed a little, then moved on. Others took the time to understand it and be entertained. Thanks for the wonderful photos!