Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Scarecrow Escapade

A Scarecrow Escapade

These may be rags we wear
but it's love we kindly flap
for you
from our Scarecrow community.

On this day,
Besides wandering through a southern woods thick with,
 well some trees I'm not familiar with, leading me to a grassy hill that rises 
beyond where the clover grows, I discover a field of sunflowers.

A sunflower maze.
Not one bit scary.

Okay metal sunflowers, where children run wild through the maze
in hopes that surely a few of these Scarecrows will come to life.

Welcome to where we often shed our souls in human forms!
Discouraging birds, and casting seeds of joy for you.

Or not!

I overheard one child say,

"Are you sure there isn't some kind of magic at play here?
I feel an awful chill and it's running right through me."

Not all Scarecrows are creepy by any means.

I had to look twice, were those lace ribbons running through the trees

or real cobwebs hanging low from the branches?

These bones were made to shake-rattle-and-roll!

Oh my,
I think this skeleton man is following me.

Here he is again!

I don't need No Body!

"Dreams are the skeleton of all reality!"
James Slater

An eerie sense of fate persisted in my mind 

as something unexplainable unraveled before us.

Scarecrows with such depth and richness 

of their own personal perceptions and events 
of all things about Huntsville!

Here come the Scarecrows

A yes, the taste of fright and fearful squawking commonly expressed by incoming crows has settled not upon us today but elsewhere!

These Scarecrows are proud straw citizens
and they protect and serve at all costs.

Ah, a bit of Egyptian Proverbs along this path.

"People bring about their own undoing by their tongues."

"Experience will show you, 
A Master can only point the way."

Hello. If you hug me as tightly as you can, I'll tell you a secret!

The art of planting is so much more than seeds.

Bad Credit is indeed a scary subject, but this straw man seems ecstatically happy that he owns only friendly spiders!

Unlike the beastly straw man below!

Yikes. Our eyes are wide with fear, at the sight 
of those spiders!

No worries, meet Lady Cheerfulness, while the inexplicable mummies and gooky spiders enshrouded our walk with an icy chill in the air,

Lady Cheerfulness will give you a flower and a kind thought!
"Never judge, respect others and always be kind."

Not scary by any means. 
This temporary equipoise of power.
However, unlike many of these scarecrows,
 she owns a brain and has an agenda.

"We all can do better.
In life, neighborhoods, corn fields and environments
 everywhere enhanced."

Should I mention she may run for president?

"Reality might be 
described as the eternal
equipoise of positive
and negative."
Rachel Cusk

Unlike some individuals these straw people are fully aware of others, 
both young and old that walk along this Scarecrow path,
and the power they hold over all of us.

Whenever you visit a Scarecrow village,
It's up to you to be wowed or boo, boo, scared out of your wits!
Trust me that I have many, many more finely crafted Scarecrows but that's all for now.

The art of doing stuff for others is always a gift from yourself that keeps on giving. I put much thought in my posts because it's goodness I wish for all of you.  You make my days brighter with every visit, 
and I wish the very same for you.
Take good care of you.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What fun sights to see!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, what a fun post and a great collection of scarecrows. I would like to take a walk with these scarecrows. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I love scarecrows...I think my fav, I saw on FB...the flying witch blowing in the breeze...very cool

Revrunner said...

No body. Ha! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is just so cool! I would love to visit this! Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

Elephant's Child said...

Oh what fun. Thank you so much for taking us along.

RedPat said...

This was my first trip through a scarecrow village!

Debbie said...

as soon as i saw the thumbnail, i knew i was going to love this post. these are all so wonderful, some people are so creative. we went to one right before i went to new york, i still have to share mine!!!

i had several favorites and it looks like you had a nice day!!!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Love each and everyone of them...stop in from hootani ann...If you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

These are absolutely amazing!

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

Wonderful selection of scarecrows! There are villages over here that have scarecrow festivals, where you'll see selections similar to that. I liked the pirate but thought they all looked a bit creepy!

Filip and Kristel said...

They don't look so scary, even friendly I would say.


humbird said...

Karen, they are all wonderful! Where have you found them? Never seen! Wow! And thanks for your kindness, words and thoughts! Much Love and Energy! Shine up!