Wayzata, Minnesota

Friday, February 16, 2018

Just a Thought

This post as promised still coming, later.


I interrupt my scheduled blog post for this very important message knowing many of us are still reeling from the tragic massacre in Parkland, Florida. 

"I have heard what the talkers were talking. 
the talk of the beginning and the end.
But I do not talk of the beginning or the end."
Walt Whitman

TALK, is not enough.
Action is required.

Otherwise, this brutal shooting, like the ones before this 
resulting in the loss of vital lives
 all abruptly cut short 
 will again fall across the chapters 
of unsolved answers and more senseless acts will occur.

Unless we resolve to make important decisions
 to change our past bitter course.

Today let's talk about life, 
and escape from a world stuck in a globe of denial.
Where again today, like after every brutal shooting and loss of lives
our officials say, now's not the time.

NOW is the time.

Don't follow the herd.

This is such an uncanny realization I'm sure someone has already mentioned this before, I just haven't been able to google the result of it yet.

My idea begins through an example many of us can relate to.
Here in Minnesota those who drink and drive and those accomplices 
are held accountable.
The bars or other public or private establishments, 
as well as those persons, servers, bartenders or other employees are also held responsible for vehicular crimes.

Why then aren't gun dealers, as well as establishments, gun shows or private persons responsible for the shooter carrying out their brutal crime be prosecuted as well?

Like those selling and serving alcoholic beverages are faced with rules and regulations, and punishments so should any person or business selling guns and ammunition be held to strict rules, regulations and punishments.

It's all fun and games until, it's not.
Be responsible.

...and most of us are. But we weren't always. There was a day that it wasn't unusual for folks to drive while consuming alcohol beverages, until they passed laws to end it.

Imagine a group of friends and family enjoying a five course meal and a glorious evening of entertainment while solving a murder mystery over dinner, and it goes without saying alcoholic beverages.  Why not?
Well, if your evening includes a sleepover at a Bed and Breakfast and no worries about driving home, alcohol shouldn't result in bad choices or fatal results.  But if the murder mystery was solved at an establishment serving the public this changes things immensely. 

In Minnesota if a person becomes intoxicated or consumes alcohol beverages putting them over the legal limit and especially if they are involved in a fatal death or deaths resulting from their driving, the consequences are extremely worse, and includes all those involved besides the driver.
Even the bartender.
Or server.

Then what occurs after a brutal shooting, even if that shooter doesn't survive, shouldn't it be equally important that those responsible also being prosecuted? 

In short what you can say to your own public officials is this
We need laws that apply not just to the criminal, but also the establishment, weapons show, etc. employee or persons selling said weapon or weapons
and hold them just as accountable, curbing more deaths from occurring. 

Banning guns isn't the complete answer, if a person
desires any weapon of choice they will locate it.

Spirit of Justice
Majesty of Justice

"Human progress is neither automatic or inevitable
Every step toward the goal of justice
requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle;
the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals."
Martin Luther King Jr.

Let's remain focused on outcomes not obstacles
that keep us from successful outcomes.

For justice,
Imagine how simple it would be 
to stop more deaths
by prosecuting those individuals
that send weapon buyers intent on killing into the world.

Being subject to prison time 
and/or substantially high fines
has to promote more thought
 before they conclude a weapons sale.


Sandi said...

The root is what we need to get. Our culture. Mental illness...what causes that? What makes a young person pick up a gun? What creates this lack of value of human life? We have had guns for a long time, and violence, but not like today. We need something. Like you said, we can take away a weapon, but there will always be another one. If we could vanish all the guns at once from the face of the Earth...that doesn't solve the problem and may not even slow it down. What's happening to us?

eileeninmd said...

Hello, it seems our politicians are all well paid for by the NRA. They do even care about the loss of these children, killed in mass shootings. The AR-15 should be banned. This is a sore subject with me, it started back with Sandy Hook Elementary. When I hear Paul Ryan say this is not the time to talk about it, when is the time. Would he feel differently if it were his children killed? It is time to change the gun laws!

Debbie said...

you are brave to talk about the recent shooting...i did not on my blog, i barely spoke about it with my husband. so much sadness and pain, my heart breaks for all those families, some of the children who survived will never be the same again!! the families of the ones who were killed, will never recover from this senseless tragedy. i don't know the answer, i hope someone does...i have said prayers for all of them!!

Anonymous said...

We need to start somewhere. Banning the sale any weapon that holds more than two shells to private citizens....and the dismantling the NRA. Dont let it be said...well, that will never happen....why not!!??

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Karen our gun laws in Australia are very strict, it is very unusual for individuals to own guns. I can't even imagine having a gun in my house, I don't know anyone who has. So your country's gun laws make no sense to me at all, it breaks my heart when I hear about all the children and young people dead before they've even had a chance to grow up.

Jeanie said...

Well said, Karen. Well said.

Cloudia said...

Bless you Karen