Wayzata, Minnesota

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Alter Your Course Often and Critters of the Night


 and other things that go boo in the night!

"If you want to change a whole people,
then start with the girls.
It stands to reason: they learn faster,
and they pass on what they learn to their children."
Terry Pratchett

"Stories of imagination 
tend to upset those without one."
Terry Pratchett

Some of our best friends never say a word to us.
Said those that own a dog or kitty cat.

"Whoever said that diamonds are a girl's best friend,
never owned a dog."

Children don't ever remember their best day of television.
Not that I'm a fan of deer hunting, or really any other critter for that matter. But that doesn't mean I can't be proud of those (I know and love) that do hunt, like Jack, who is extremely proud of shooting his first deer for this year. It's his third year of hunting and third deer to bring home. It also stands to reason why I cut out the poor sad mother deer out of this picture. To me, it's like killing Bambi.

"The old man used to say that the best part of hunting
and fishing was the thinking about going and the
talking about it after you got back."
Robert Ruark
and always remember-
"You might as well learn that a man 
who catches fish or shoots game
has got to make it fit to eat before he sleeps. 

Now on the brighter side of life,

"Sometimes you don't need words to feel better,
you just need the nearest of your dog,
 or even other people's dogs."

Just imagine how wonderful the world would be
 if people had hearts like dogs.

"Live every moment as not to regret what you are about to do."

It's kind of fun to do the impossible.
Walt Disney

There are so many reasons to smile.

and even more reasons to make pumpkin pie.
When we're faced with so many leftover pumpkins 
with no place to go now that Halloween is over.

It's time for pie!

Any impossible feats you'd like to accomplish?

First, don't let anyone tell you it's impossible.
Tell them I'm possible,
and begin.

Yesterday in Stillwater, Minnesota I was reminded again of the small town charm it always bears on every visit.

Outside the Lowell Inn.

Sometimes it takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.
Jackie Mutcheson

It's amazing how one person's act of kindness
 can change the course of your life.
(and rescue you at the same time)
and in turn you pass kindness on to another.

Do I smell chocolate?

"There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people,
religion, politics and the Great Pumpkin."
Linus Van Pelt
from Charlie Brown's Gang
But chocolate is a sweet topic for discussion, eating and sharing.

I would like to take you if I may on a silly, strange little Halloween tour, where spiders rule and Scarecrows scare!

"Bring forth the raisins and the nuts
Tonight All-Hallows'
Spectre struts
along the moonlit way."
John Kendrick Bangs


"Today whatever may annoy
The word for me is joy.
Just simple.
John Kendrick Bangs

Thanks for stopping in
take good care of you.


Elephant's Child said...

HOW I mourn the loss of Terry Pratchett. And HOW grateful I am that he was in and enriched our world.

Debbie said...

it looks like halloween was fun, you capture some great moments!! and as always, you shared some great quotes!!

the young ones look great!!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I agree with Debbie above, you always inspire positive happy thoughts with both your words/quotes and images.. always a pleasure to visit Karen, merci beaucoup ☺

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I love all the Halloween costumes. They are so cute, especially the dino. Cute doggies, glad they had some Halloween fun too. I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, yum! Looks like a fun Halloween for everyone. Great photos and quotes. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

eileeninmd said...

PS, thanks for linking up and sharing your post!

Jeanie said...

These are great, Karen! Some mighty excellent critters here!

Cloudia said...

Thank you my healing friend <3

RedPat said...

Some of my best friends have been dogs! They always knew how to appreciate today!